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Monday, August 6, 2012

Homeless in Eugene: the city government

They're still talking about a new City Hall down in Eugene. We wonder how that could possibly happen, given that the local government is so broke it's releasing prisoners.

The talk of a new city office complex down that way has been going on for years. We've always suspected that there was a developer weasel or two in the background with a condo-centric plan for the City Hall property. We wouldn't be surprised to see such a proposal placed front and center in the near future.

In any event, the city will apparently have to vacate the old City Hall pretty soon.

Comments (5)

You're conflating Lane county [which is so broke it's releasing prisoners] with the City of Eugene [whose City administration is homeless], by calling both "the local government". I doubt you'd confuse Multnomah county with the City of ImPorTantland, but we down-staters are used to it.

Gee, if only they had streetcars to jump-start their urban renewal and really bring in the growth...

Oh, wait, Portland's broke too...

Given the "Samadamsization" of Alder Street, and the borderline-on-UR scam the city ran in the university area (MUPTE), I wouldn't put it past them to try.

I'm very glad to have been able to escape Eugene for good--I high-tailed it back to the comforts of Washington County when I reached the dissertation phase of my Ph.D, just over a month ago. They seem to be trying to emulate some of the worst aspects of Portland.

The Portland diseaseis a pandemic. But other than mass hysteria, what is it?

Lane County has been going broke for 30 years and they still act like it's a surprise when they spend more than they take in. Just signed new contracts with their unions to shell out more that they don't have, not to mention the usual bloat that's the last to be cut.

On the the transit front, LTD is doing their best to emulate TriMet by focusing on high cost capital projects at the expense of their existing unsexy conventional bus routes.

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