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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Headline of the Week

We hate it when this happens.

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That sounds like an apt metaphor for all the Portland voters weighing their options for mayor.

There are only 150 bears in Norway, yet this guy managed to hit one? What are the odds?

Can that even be correct? Seems like a typo. Hundreds of thousands of Moose and only a handful of bears?

I just looked it up and it seems Norwegians pretty much hunted bears to extinction. The numbers are coming backup in recent years. Sweden still has a ton of bears.

Seems to me a ton of bears would be about 4; maybe 9 if a metric ton.

And the Swedish bears are obviously smarter than the av-er-age bear because they stay the hell out of Norway !

BTW, Sam L.

A metric ton is 1000 kg... so it would be 2200 pounds or something like 4 Yogi's and a Boo-boo

Cheers, Mike

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