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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fun Congressional Factoid o' the Day

The "legitimate rape" buffoon from Missouri is a member of the Science Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives. Along with Suzanne Bonamici.

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You missed the quotation marks around science.

Don't forget, Bonamici is there to take Wu's place (I thought he ran the committee or something.)

Makes me feel reaaaaaaal good about our govt masters taking more control of our lives.

GW, it's sort of like Ron Wyden "(D-Ore.)" on the "Intelligence" Committee.

Glad to see Akin's party shout him down and tell him to exit the race. His views on rape are not acceptable.

Same thing as when the other sleazbag womanizer politician who raped Juanita got shouted down by his party.

His views on rape are not acceptable.

And neither are his co-sponsor Paul Ryan's views on "forcible" rape.


The buffoon from Missouri has decided to stay put. Now you're going to see a huge push to get him out that may involve the courts. He won a primary earlier in the month against 2 other well-financed opponents. I don't like the guy; think he's an idiot and you don't need to know what I think about his comments on rape. But I certainly don't want the courts throwing him off the ticket that GOP voters elected him to. That would be setting a precedent as damaging as Citizens United. The reason the GOP in MO. will go to such lengths is they want to unseat Sen. Claire McCaskill, a Democrat, who has supported Obama. They know this flap has given her a fighting chance and they will do and spend whatever it takes to topple her.

Sen. Wyden ($-New York) also failed the Oregon Bar Exam several times.

He holds court for Supreme Court Justice nominees now.

But he has such a nice combover. By the way: what got the GOP to throw him under the bus was not that he fell out of line, but that he revealed the party line.

Todd Aiken provided Jay Leno some of the funniest jokes yet this evening.

How wonderful that certain members of the so called "science" committee, base their beliefs on writings from the 13th century!
I assume that Mr. Aiken and those like him, would be more at ease if women in the USA were confined to their homes, deprived of all education, and wore burkas, should they dare ever venture outside their homes, accompanied at all times by an approved adult male relative.
Mr. Akien is a prime example of the "American Taliban".

Ah, tarring our Suzy with the Akin brush.

Works for me.

When I heard Aiken's comments on the radio, I found it curious that he sounded a lot like Jerry Sandusky.

If we elect these people (I am speaking of the "crazy town" GOP here) to run the country, we get two things:

• The best four seasons of SNL we have had in the past three decades, and

• a realization of my "First Rule of Public Policy" which is:

In a semi-democratic representative society where information is ubiquitous, the People, in the aggregate, get exactly what they deserve.

You ain't seen nuthin yet. We're looking at the Wolfman marrying The Bride Of Frankenstein and producing a baby combining the worst features of The Creature From The Black Lagoon and Jabba The Hutt, with a voice like Jar Jar Binks.

I kinda think Nancy Pelosi would look better with white lightning streaks in her hair.

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