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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

From Matt Wuerker

Copyright 2012 by Matt Wuerker. Used by permission.

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Weurker should probably not quit his day job.

Scary indeed, but if they are able to save the economy I just might be able to endure the loss of a few feminists.

I'm pretty sure being a cartoonist IS his day job.

Unfortunately, "saving the economy" to those in power in America, really means saving the bankers who caused the problem, and covering the bankers' bets with austerity measures.
Mitt Romney is just more of the same.

A few months ago I mentioned Iceland's approach to saving its economy. Newleaf, if you're out there, you strongly disagreed with the idea, dismissing it as show. I wonder if you saw the wave of stories recently where everyone from the IMF on down is beginning to admit that Iceland got it right. They prosecuted the bankers, instead of propping them up, and Iceland is now in a strong recovery. Meanwhile, countries in Europe are being run into the ground with austerity measures, while the bankers go free.

There is nothing from Mitt Romney that indicates any change from Obama's approach. The bankers are still using America the way a parasite uses its host.

It would be one thing if the banks were doing well from all this, but there are more and more articles that indicate they are insolvent, using smoke and mirrors - and the Fed - to give a charade of health. Who knows if these articles are true, but there's one way to tell: They say the next to go is Morgan Stanley.

Politico, the even-handed non-partisan outfit.

And in other news, Code Pink is in Tampa protesting the RNC convention dressed as giant vaginas. I'm glad to see by the ultra left I am viewed as nothing more than a giant vagina. Fantastic.

So Wuerker sees feminists as being burned at the stake? This morning drudge pointed to an article highlighting the DNC's sponsoring of a 2 hour Muslim prayer meeting as part of their convention opener. I am sure that the feminists will get a fair shake under Shariah.


Welcome to dhimmitude

There is nothing from Mitt Romney that indicates any change from Obama's approach. The bankers are still using America the way a parasite uses its host.

Agreed. If I genuinely thought that Mitt would prosecute the bankers, cramdown mortgages, and pressure the Fed to reduce the unemployment rate, then I would probably vote for him.

However, all I hear from Mitt is that he plans to cut Medicare, lower taxes on the wealthy and placate a religious right that hates gay people, brown people and women. Meh. I'll vote for Obama.

So, Justin, Obama? The guy who's hired Goldman-Sachs?

So, Justin, Obama? The guy who's hired Goldman-Sachs?

Yeah. I'm not thrilled about voting for Obama. But I'm just not getting the sense that Romney will be any different. Do you honestly think Romney will hold Goldman Sachs accountable?

I'm glad to see by the ultra left I am viewed as nothing more than a giant vagina.

If the diaphragm fits, wear it.

Justin's sentiments are mine as well. If the choice were Obama vs. a reasonable, moderate Republican from the 1950s like, say, Eisenhower, someone who accepts the New Deal and strong financial regulation as vital to the continued survival of capitalism, believes in furthering racial equality and minority enfranchisement, and understands that some things simply have to be done by government if they are going to be done at all, it would be hard to choose between them. I would be sorely tempted to give that Republican a chance, since Obama has clearly failed to make the best of the one I gave him four years ago. But a sadly mediocre Democrat vs. the bat-crazy Republicans of 2012, who somehow manage to combine the worst aspects of Ayn Rand and Jerry Falwell? Absolutely no contest.

The Fox News ninnies in Tampa were still ranting about contraceptives tonight. They're determined to blow their once-excellent chances. I certainly hope so.

Subjects and objects in TV appear bigger and closer than they are.
In fact they are puny and unreachable.

I couldn't watch the Chris Christie speech because my widescreen's in the shop, but I read the text.

Oh, what a commitment he made to telling the voters the truth. There's a time to tell them exactly how badly the austerity measures will hurt and this is it, damn it. That's what makes leadership.

Of course, leadership also involves finding out what happened and telling the truth about that too, right? If only to prevent anything like this from ever happening again, right?

But that would pit the GOP against Wall Street and you know Chris Christie doesn't want to go there. None of them do. That's part of the truth, we're not supposed to dwell on.

So how did Christie address this obvious question? This obvious hole in the truth he was telling? Here's the quote:

"It doesn't matter how we got here. There is enough blame to go around. What matters now is what we do. I know we can fix our problems."

One question though and I'll kick in a box of doughnuts if you answer it, Chris: How can we fix our problems when we refuse to talk about what they are?

"I couldn't watch the Chris Christie speech because my widescreen's in the shop, but I read the text."

Was that a fat joke? Apologies in advance if it wasn't meant that way.

Bill - it's hell-arious when people make fun of Christie for being fat. It's gen-yoo-wine subtle, intelligent humor! Great job!

My RStone arrived yesterday Just before hearing the Mrs. extoll the virtues of her “self made” husband. Once again Taibi exposes the Myth behind Mitt. How he and Bain sought out high cash flow entities and using very little Bain $ and lots of Goldman Sachs debt to take over the target, pay themselves a tidy management fee and leave the target to pay back the loan or seek B/R protection. Perhaps Mrs. Romney confused “self made” with “made men”?

I apologize for the fat jokes.

Christie wants to lecture America for being paralyzed by our need to be loved, conveniently giving cover to the bankers who caused the meltdown.
Do you have any problem with that?

Yes Bill, you really should leave the humor to Mitt "I live for laughter" Romney. That was a real knee-slapper he got off the other day about not needing to show HIS birth certificate.

My problem isn't with Christie's weight or your making fun of it. It's more of the double standard that goes something like this:

Making fun of the physical characteristics of Republicans is fair game, but making fun of the physical characteristics of Democrats is racist/sexist/ageist/sizeist/whatever.

If I said "Ha ha! Obama's ears look goofy!" I would be labelled a racist, guaranteed. But people made that claim about G.W. Bush and thought it was a laugh riot.

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