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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Frohnmayer's tab for lost Deschutes County case: $55,000

We blogged last week about Moneybags Frohnmayer's strikeout in the state bar ethics case he brought on behalf of the Deschutes County commissioners against the county's district attorney. Now that troublemaker guy at UO Matters has dug out Frohnmayer's firm's bill for the fruitless effort -- about $55,000.

That ain't hay.

Moneybags himself bills out at $550 an hour, or $9.17 a minute. His state government pension draw is $21,500 a month, or around 75 cents per waking minute.

Meanwhile, we just noticed that that same Eugene law firm is advising the Troutdale city council as council members try to bounce the mayor over his luxury "storage shed" fiasco. You wonder, with all the alleged hanky panky in local government, why the state attorney general or the U.S. attorney don't get involved. Maybe they don't want to make waves. Meanwhile, the private lawyers do pretty well playing in the dirt.

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There's a statute that prevents stock brokers from "churning the account". I wonder why there's not a similar statute that applies to lawyers.

The thing that really ticks me off about all of this is that in the end the taxpayers pay for all of this childish political bickering. If even 10% of the cost of this type of thing had to be paid out of the politician's own pocket you would see these complaints dry up overnight. There should be a statute that requires reimbursement to the tax payers for complaints filed in bad faith.

"why the state attorney general or the U.S. attorney don't get involved."

Sorry, street rules dictate you don't rat out your own kind. I'll wait until Mr ROsenblum covers it in WWeek.

So the math is $0.75 divided by $9.17 = a Frohnmayer's pension represents just 8% of his current wage.

Most of us would starve at a pension that pays a mere 8% of their salary. Is it any wonder he hasn't retired?

Then again, most of us don't get ANY pension. Or the influence necessary to bill $550/hour.

Wait - there's more. Before he stepped down UO's interim president Bob Berdahl wrote Frohnmayer a special summer supplement for $35,000 in salary, on top of his regular law school pay:


It's interesting that the time entries for office and phone conferences for each of the participating lawyers don't all match up. Was that conference really a half hour or an hour long, neither, or, paradoxically, both?

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