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Friday, August 24, 2012

Fire on Hood to Coast route in St. Helens

Lets' hope it doesn't disrupt the race too much. The logistics of that event are enough of a challenge as it is. And of course, we hope there are no injuries to anyone, runner or not.

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I don't suspect the Fire itself will cause a problem.

However, the Investigation might be a different story as the Investigators will have their way and in their own good time which is usually over-time.

Thanks Jack! My wife is running it and their van had no idea this fire was happening. There are details on the race route detour on the official HTC Facebook page for anyone who is interested.

It's a tire fire at Les Schwab. "Reporters" have been advising folks to avoid the smoke if possible, and note that the fire is hot.

No word as yet regarding wetness of water.

Stay tuned!

Road is still closed and is expected to remain closed till at least midnight. Congestion is bad through the area and along the detour route along the secondary roads.
Fire is out but crews are still there @ the Les Schawb store or whats's left of it.
Best to all.

How rude of St. Helens to have a fire during the Run. Les Schwab employees, customers and people living in the vicinity be damned. Don't they realize the Run had to be re-routed?

Here's a photo of the carnage.

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