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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Father Angel is one sick SOB

Just when you thought the Catholic priest pedophilia thing couldn't get more gross, along comes this story.

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I wonder if they are still lighting candles in Woodburn in support of Father Angel after this story? When will people wake up to this? Why would you send your child on a camping trip with a Priest?

This is just an isolated incidence.

Just the Priest and his victim, all alone...

I think even Jesus would stand in line to beat the crap out of this sicko.

One thing has changed since the early stories: Penn State. The church got away with so much because of religion. The bishops, etc... were cloaked in a self-proclaimed holiness, that protected the church hierarchy from going to prison where they belonged.
Can you imagine the cold-heartedness of knowing a priest was destroying kids, and just reassigning him to another parish to start again on a new group of victims? That's criminal and yet, these pious bastards did that - they sacrificed children to protect the image of the church. Just as Joe Paterno and company sacrificed children to protect the image of a football program.

If Jerry Sandusky was a priest he could still be out there, getting to know the kids in his new parish. And he would be even more protected because he belonged to an organization that was in the religion business. Disgusting.

Bravo for Mr. Barbecue (James Curths)!

Glad to see the Speedo-pedo is in jail where he belongs. And they don't issue frocks there.

So is this guy going to be charged or not?? The article only says that the police interviewed him. How come they aren't holding him? Apparently Priests get special treatment from the law.

Rome to Woodburn: "There is nothing special going here. Move along now."

Woodburn to Rome: "Duh, OK. Golly I really like Father Angel."

Rome to Woodburn: "That's a good parishioner. Remember to tithe now.... Oh, and remember the Church Defense Fund."

Woodburn to Rome: "Duhhh... OK. Whatever you tell me."

Mt. Angel Seminary is a hotbed of pedophiles.

Canucken, he was arrested after being interviewed. Read the affidavit of probable cause. The initial news story was about the priest being arrested for sexual abuse. So, not to worry, there was no "special treatment."

Mt. Angel Seminary is a hotbed of pedophiles.

I don't know that that's the case, but it is featured prominently in the S.M. Stirling alternative history series.

I am a member of st.Lukes.
We are supporting father angel,
He has always been a strict person who put the church in order
As well as others. There had been no prior problems with the priest. We are no one to judge, may the victim and the truth to be come out in our prayers.

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