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Friday, August 3, 2012

Ellis McCoy ready to plead

Wonder if he's taking anybody with him.

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No way. He is the only bad apple that ever stepped into City Hall. Now that he is gone the city is completely on the up and up.

You will never see a no-bid contract again. You will never have a public employee taking "gifts" for favors. You will never have campaign contributions given in exchange for access.

Wow! Did you just see that Unicorn fly by?

And look at those pigs....with wings!

Wonder how the good and decent people working in the city can stand working under these inept or corrupt ones? I would bet some have stories to tell.

Beware the under"toad".

And look at those pigs....with wings!

I heard Portland has named the pig as the official bird of the city. Because the Western Meadowlark just isn't cool anymore.

Had he actually stolen those millions from the city I be he'd be seeing time. As it is I doubt it. No double standard there. Nope.

With all the money he is accused of receiving he has a public defender? Graft in this city just keeps on giving.

Nope. He's an easy, unimportant target. Problem solved in Portlandia. Back to business as usual.

...taking anybody with him.

How many would have been involved?
This council did not ask for other bids?
WHO was on the council at the time?

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