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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ellis McCoy pleads -- crazed gunman, acting alone

Don't worry, Portland. Mayor Creepy says: "The acts of this single individual do not reflect the way we do business." And the mayor would not lie to you.

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"The acts of this single individual do not reflect the way we do business."

Then to prove his claim the Creep will subject the PDC to an outside forensic audit?

How come McCoy falls on the perverbial Sword?
What else is he hiding? The amounts he admits to taking in ribes don't seem that large in today's dollars.
Just smells fishy to me.

I suspect the plea deal will buy him a cozy spot in Sheridan and he will avoid Leavenworth.

Did we every learn who in the Portland area he considers family?

It's odd the Feds took such a long time to simply pin it all on just a single lower echelon individual. It's like they were being particularly cautious about something.

It all makes one wonder doesn't it, given that PDX is the darling of the progressive liberals and has friends in the current POTUS administration?

Very odd, but hey that's Portland. Maybe that's what "Keep Portland Weird" really means.

"The acts of this single individual do not reflect the way we do business." I'd rather hear what the City Auditor thinks about that statement, besides it was the man on the grassy knoll took the kickback.

Besides you think someone like Sam or Randy would be happy with a $100K piece of change? Especially if you can raise parking fees in an instance and get another $40M a year from water ratepayers like that.

Forget it, Jack. It's the Pearl District.

Jack is right. Sam has only admitted to lying to get elected and this time he isn't running.
However,there is the matter of numerous complaints made by Meter Techs and management personnel including two former Maintenance Directors to the Mayor and Sue Kiel about McCoy's behavior. Sam, being the competent Mayor and Commissioner of Transportation he is, investigated and found nothing. We should rejoice that he's not running.

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