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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Does the Gorge need "B&B's, campgrounds, and local hotels"?

Its "friends" apparently think so, but they're making us nervous. Then they go and call it "bringing Europe to the Gorge," which really starts setting off alarms. We like Europe -- in Europe. On top of all that, they inform us that the Gorge now has "partners," and they have a "vision." Yikes!

Maybe the whole thing's harmless, but it certainly doesn't sound that way. It sounds positively scammy.

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"When Americans go to Europe they see everything but the taxes." (Peggy Noonan)

if you follow the links, its a trail building concept. link up the existing hotels, bnbs, campgrounds to the trail network.

Extend the Portland Streetcar to Hood River?

A couple casinos should be plenty.

Scammy, really?

Read a bit deeper to understand the project. http://gorgefriends.org/section.php?id=81. The National Scenic Area Act calls for the protection of the Gorge and the support of the local economies. This is the first project in 25+ years to attempt to do both on a Gorgewide scale. And the supporters and partners include the Skamania County Commission and its chamber of commerce, along with the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center. Alas, the country of France has yet to sign on ;-).

Kevin Gorman
Executive Director
Friends of the Columbia Gorge

"Our Mission: Friends of the Columbia Gorge shall vigorously protect the scenic, natural, cultural, and recreational resources of the Columbia River Gorge."

I'm missing how bringing Europe to the Gorge fits with this mission in any way. Inevitably if you start Euro-izing the Gorge, the culture that they are trying to protect becomes smaller and smaller.

It was the Friends of the Columbia Gorge that vigorously opposed the already built View Point Inn near Corbett. I guess View Point Inn they didn't grease enough fingers or say the right things. They just needed to pay for an 2 mile extension of a trail to the place.

I'd like to know just how many people actually "hike through Europe".

You know, I have a job, I don't have two months of paid vacation, I have bills to pay and the bill collectors don't care if I take a long hike (unless they can repo everything while I'm gone).

There are plenty of developed park sites in the Gorge. Why not just focus on making sure the line to park at Multnomah Falls doesn't back up onto I-84 and cause a 27 car pile-up because some idiot didn't see all the stopped cars five miles back?

When finally he leaves office, maybe Sammyboy will attempt to chase down a friends style planning job. Part of his current conspiracy plot all along has been to make over Portland into "the" European city of America's left coast. No question about it, he could ruin the gorge for the majority with his ideas.

Having hiked in Germany, Switzerland and Austria I sense an impending funicular invasion!

GrĂ¼ss Gott!

Sounds like a nice event. Thanks for the link, Jack.

Ah c'mon Erik H. It's not an all or nothing hike all the way across Europe or not at all. If (if!) this is just about making sure the trails connect then it seems like a fine idea. For instance Bridge of the Gods would be much nicer if it offered a way across without having to use a car. Surely even you manage to squeeze a week off now and then? The Pacific Crest Trail is awesome in that it spans the entire west coast and you can always just to parts of it over a weekend.

On the other hand the level of mistrust seems pretty warranted given the general developer rhetoric.

Has Europe got any rivers anywhere as near radioactive as the Columbia? We should have a standing monthly comparison of radioactivity with Fukushima...it would be 'rad'!

Will the trails go anywhere near Portland's landfill outside of Arlington?

Will visitors get to take potshots at the sea lions congregating below Bonneville Dam?

And, as already noted, they just need a couple of new casinos to really make it welcoming....

I also want European beaches, complete with topless French female models

"When Americans go to Europe they see everything but the taxes." (Peggy Noonan)

I saw a physician and got a very good idea where the taxes they pay go.

When Europeans come to America, they learn what benefits their taxes bring them....particularly if they are sick or injured while here.

Isn't this the group that made life a living hell for a couple that built a home on the Washington side of the Gorge that could barely be seen?

"Will the trails go anywhere near Portland's landfill outside of Arlington?"

No, because Arlington is nowhere near the Columbia Gorge.

Isn't this the group that made life a living hell for a couple that built a home on the Washington side of the Gorge that could barely be seen?

No, the Beas did that to themselves. They could have stuck to the plans that were approved and filed with Skamania county, and they would not have had their problems. They chose to break the rules, fought a battle when they were caught red-handed, and paid a price for it.

And it wasn't a case that it could "barely be seen".

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