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Monday, August 20, 2012

Dean Wormer crawls back in hole

The knuckleheads in the administration at UC Nike have been outed and routed.

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Perhaps the best news of the day!

RBI gets $17K out of $25K, Dean Wormer and everyone involved still has a job, and the students get vague promises of a scaled back project (TBD when the heat is off).

Wormer for the win!

This should come with some resignations.

Does this mean I don't get a free t-shirt?

If only our tax dollars weren't used to persuade and convince us "simple folk" that the pet projects and sweetheart construction and social engineering schemes of our PPS administration, City govt. etc.

If all ageee that it's not OK ffor U of O, why is it still OK for various public agencies to use tax monies to hire "journalists" to spin and City agencies to tweet and spit out 4-color glossy propaganda to only tell one side of the issue?

"You can't worry forever about your mistakes. You f^@%ed up. You trusted us. Make the best of it. Maybe we can help you."

UO Administration & VP Robin Holmes can't take a RBI-ng.

They'll be back.

All is well! Remain calm!

Sorry, Gregg. Just think ... there is a an entire village in Kenya with shirts that say: "The Erb's the word: Build it now, build it big, build it LEED!"

"The university's contract with RBI reflects the dilemma that public universities face. With declining public support, the only way many can pay to expand and upgrade facilities is to get the money from students."

This doesn't seem like a very "sustainable" practice. Tax the people who are already over-taxed (for their own good), until they are so broke they can't participate in the taxing game anymore. But raise the taxes for the remaining taxpayers, because you now have more infrastructure to operate and maintain! Go by Streetcar! It's for your own good!

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