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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dead trees, live prospects

While the O slowly folds, Bob Pamplin's starting up a new rag in Hillsboro, and the Willy Week boys just bought one in North Carolina.

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Out of six comments so far, three are boosters working for Pamplin.

This paper will no doubt be identical to the LO rag. Nothing more than a press release agency for the City of Hillsboro and a conduit for more cheerleading for economic development/urban renewal scams. No investigative reporting AT ALL, no questioning of any propaganda issued from the City. The "reporters" (term used loosely) at the LO Review publish as fact, without question, all press releases or information otherwise obtained from the City. They rarely use the phrase, "the City says" or "the City states" or "according to the City." This is what passes for journalism at Pamplin newspapers.

Yet, a few months ago, they won an AWARD for great journalism. So outrageous and sickening.

At least it appears Pamplin has finally stopped claiming the Tribune is a "daily," after about four years of that charade.

Some seem to forget why Pamplin got into this business.

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