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Friday, August 31, 2012

City won't buy asphalt from Pamplin unit -- worried about quality

Wonder how the Pamplin concrete that's holding up the Milwaukie Mystery Train bridge will perform.

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Or is it a case of government trying to punish those they don't like ?

My first thought was that the city is too broke to buy asphalt now!

tankfixer -

Pamplin and the Tribune have jumped on the TriMet/Metro Mystery Train bandwagon so forcefully that, IMHO, Pamplin now has to be on all the planner Mafia's BFF list.

I think that Ross Island just ran into an honest inspector. Not to worry though, that inspector won't last in PBOT.

Nonny's right about Pamplin. See the Trib's official editorial opposition to the Clackamas Rail Vote measure this week. It came from the top and the editors of every little paper in the Pamplin conglomerate have no choice but to follow.

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