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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Casting call

The L.A. Times loves the Portland Loo. Maybe Hollywood will make a movie out of it. But who will play the patent holder, Charles Randall Leonard?

Comments (3)

Easy one. John Malkovich, for sure.

I'm worried about the perception this kind of advertising will have on our city.

People from around the world will want to visit and use the loos, like that's all us Portlanders do all day...head for a Loo and do our business.

Only to find out...there's only a couple of them...and...they aren't that popular. In fact, the average Portlander doesn't even know or care about them.

What if Seattle built the Space Needle, and nobody cared about it? Instead of a world-famous tourist attraction and symbol of a city...we have an ignored glorified not-so-port-a potty.

Ha, ha. Does this mean Portland will be best remembered for a toilet?

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