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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Call me racist...

... but I refuse to call it "César Chávez Boulevard."

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It is, was, and always will be 33rd Avenue. Just as we have Front Avenue, Union Avenue. At least renaming North Portland Boulevard made sense, there is also a North Portland Highway and a Northeast Portland Highway that are two very different streets and had nothing to do with what is now Rosa Parks Way.

I call it Chuck E Cheese Avenue. Anyway, that is what the voice on my GPS sounds like.

Is that deflation? I thought it was 39th before.

Calling somebody racist means nothing anymore.

It speaks more negatively about the acuser than the acused.

Just as I call Martin Luther King Blvd is Union Avenue and Rosa Parks Way is Portland Blvd..
I know those who pushed for and voted for those changes thought they were honoring the individuals but why do the brown folks have to do with hand me downs ?
Why can't we name NEW roads and places for people ?
When the name change for Portland Blvd was under debate the Max line to Clackamas TownCenter was still under construction and was unnamed. Given Ms Parks shining moment in history involved public transit I always though it fitting we might memorialize her by naming that line for her.

I admit I broke this rule: Read the linked piece, folks, before you comment. Instead of assuming you understand what the point is.

Cesar Chavez Blvd? Crude I thought it was Chivas Regal Blvd.

Three facts:
My church is on North Portland Blvd

Rosa Parks was an extraordinary human being and a real leader.

And 39th Ave is 39 blocks east of the Willamette River (approximately).

Little known minutiae about Chavez:

1. He was militant about illegal aliens. That is, he wanted ALL illegals deported. He saw how they diluted the wages and living standards of Latinos in the U.S. legally.

2. He has virtually no history in Oregon. The only documented visit was to Mount Angel
when they named a building after him. It didn't last long. Today that building is St. Joseph Homeless Shelter, run by the Benedictine Sisters of Mt. Angel.

It's kind of like, if you say something often enough and long enough, it seems like the truth. After the old fogies are all gone, the young'uns will only know that 39th Ave. does not exist, there will be no memory of a grand street named after our fair city, and Union will be just the name for Lincon's army during the Civil War. Rewriting history to suit the people currently in power.

The big O ran a piece by Chavez's attorney from back in the day.
He maintained that Chavez would be livid at the idea a street be named for him

Lets have another law. No publicly owned property can be named for a person before 100 years have past since their death.

Um...the point of the post was something to do with Jack's computer not processing the title of the street correctly juxtaposed with the resistance to renaming streets.

If you read the article it's about a sandwich cart starting up a brick and mortar sandwich shop. Kinda neat actually. My extended family runs a berry business at farmer's markets, and we hope to some day provide for brick and mortar shops. Any reps for Burgerville reading this, our berries have twice the flavor of the Leopold berries you sell. Believe it. :-)

The point was that the Trib site was mis-displaying the characters. Shoulda taken a screenshot, but can't seem to locate one in my files...

Yes, the same thing happens with the Trib sites on my computer. Between that, the lack of unbiased reporting, and the new Facebook comments, I rarely go to the LO Review anymore. Not worth it. What once had very vibrant (to say the least), community-involved commenting on stories and opinion pieces now has virtually no comments at all on any story or article.

Plus, the type is so small on Facebook comments that they're unreadable and I haven't figured out how to rectify that (if even possible). But, since there are no comments to speak of anyway, I guess it doesn't matter.

Chavez Blvd. Short and sweet.
Next big problem, please.

39th Ave. Shorter and sweeter. :) Bring on the fluoride debate!

Good old Unicode double-byte character encoding issues. Always good for a laugh.

I don't particularly mind renaming streets, for whatever reason. We have thousands of streets that will keep their names forever.

It does, however, offend my sense of logic or retentiveness or something to change a numbered street into a named street. They should have renamed Fremont. John C. Fremont murdered Indians and Mexicans, and he could still be honored for his positive accomplishments by that big ol' bridge.

Chavez's actual opinions are irrelevant. Streets are renamed for the benefit of groups, not individuals. If Hispanic leaders think that he's the best person to honor, so be it. He was no Rosa Parks, but he was no Bill Naito either.

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