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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Another great moment at the Trib

They've got Emily Litella writing headlines now:

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Like Obama knows or cares anything about the bridge. Some PR staffer grunted out that gem after being tipped to the potential vote value of the idea.

Don't forget - David Evans really needs the bridge also.

As far as Obama, the PR can't hurt, but CRC is looking like the boondoggle of all time yet. I'm just waiting for Cylvia to get a consulting job.

This is disgusting how we can't find money for schools, police or potholes, yet somehow we can spend $180M for koffee klatches to come up with a design that won't even pass Coast Gurad muster.

Well, I'm glad she supports the CDC. They do a lot of important work in disease prevention and control... out of Atlanta.

Thanks Jack, I'd forgotten about Emily. Even then she made more sense than this pork travesty.....about the CRC...."Never mind".

Jacquiss over at WW noted that Bush "expedited" the CRC exactly four years ago, as well.

I get confused all the time between the Portland Tribulation and Pimplin's
Stand and Grovel operations. Oh. Never mind.

"Oh. Never mind."


took me three looks to see it...The mind sees what it wants to see.

"Astronaut Neil Young, first man to walk on moon, dies at age 82"

That was the headline on NBC yesterday.

They acknowledged the error, claiming that they were in kind of a hurry.


They were right about one thing: Neil Young is an astronaut.

Certainly, Lyrnrd Skynrd agreed. ;-)

They were right about one thing: Neil Young is an astronaut.

Wasn't that John Young, or are you making a joke?

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