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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Among the headlines

With all the goings-on in London, this news item from the swimming competition slipped past us.

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That's because it was a Baby Ruth.


Leonard would have called for "boil water" alert. At least that one would have had some credibility for a change.

If it was Phelps, then clearly he does give a s**t about the competition.

The movie Caddyshack had a more agreeable pool incidence where folks jumped out of the golf club swimming pool when they mistook a baby ruth candy bar for a poo.

You did not miss it. NBC tape-delayed it.

Did it occur in lane 2?

I was hoping for a post about that Blazer in the olympics that just punched a guy in the groin. It happened, and of course he's a Blazer. Who else would he player for?

" Who else would he player for? "

The next Portland Mayor, folks! Jefferson "Groin Puncher" Smith.

I was curious so I checked out the link - now I'm sorry I did. Thanks Jack. On the other hand, how on earth did aid anything get past those skin tight, knee-length suits they wear? Speedo Fastskins - "Spanx on Steroids". Pretty hard to,believe that anything solid could ooze out of those suits.

The suits are so tight, it could have come out of one's mouth.

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