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Sunday, August 26, 2012

A kindred soul in San Francisco

Don't know what's taken us so long to discover this blog, which sounds awfully familiar. We'll have to keep an eye on it, to see what madness lies ahead for Portlandia. It seems the proliferation of parking meters all over Bagdad by the Bay will be the next parallel battlefield, with the impending arrival of Stevie Ray Novick.

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LOL. District 5 is the famously "progressive" political enclave in San Francisco - he is indeed in the belly of the beast.

I think from now on I'll refer to the former City of Roses as San Francisco del Norte.

The similarities are striking, Jack. In a related note regarding free speech, my wife would not allow me to wear my Bush/Cheney t-shirt to the Hawthorne Street Fair today. Nor did my dog get to wear his "I bite Liberals" t-shirt. I better call the ACLU...

It's funny how the one commenter to her blog on bikes states that bikes/peds account for 21% of all trips in SF. I wonder how he came up with that; maybe he's counting the trips from the front door to the postbox at the bottom of the front steps.

This kind of made-up counts, surveys, hyperbole happens in Portland. It's nice that Bojack and District 5 Diary are questioning and disputing the hype.

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