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Monday, July 30, 2012

Zombie hotel deal going to some bad apples

As noted here many times previously, Portland's Metro regional government is determined to build a Convention Center hotel on the backs of the area's taxpayers, regardless of public sentiment against it. They'll do anything rather than admit that the Convention Center is a white elephant that never should have been expanded (but which Vera Katz and Charlie Hales insisted on expanding despite a public vote against it).

The current version of this saga is playing out behind closed doors, as Metro negotiates in secret with potential developers and hotel operators. The main sticking point is likely to be how big a public subsidy will be provided. The choices are (a) huge or (b) gigantic. Earlier this month, the Metro drones leaked out word that Hyatt was interested. We were all supposed to be impressed.

Funny thing, though: Hyatt doesn't seem to be Portland's kind of people. Oh, the hypocrisy. But when public money for the developers and construction companies who run Portland is on the line, many sins are forgiven, by politicians and unions alike.

Comments (2)

"Hyatt doesn't seem to be Portland's kind of people."

I disagree, for a princely sum and tax breaks, they're only too happy to build them their CC (aka public money pit) Hotel. This is Portland's type of people.

Once the bond salesman start lining up and we get a bump on tourist and other use taxes, this ought to be pretty well lubricated and done.

A money pit, if those coal trains come through? Anyone thinking of investing here ought to think twice or join those who oppose the coal trains. I can only assume that those who are for the coal trains either don't live here, can get away if it gets too bad, or the inept or corrupt elected officials who in my opinion don't seem to give a damn.

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