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Monday, July 2, 2012

Wendy's child stabber has a long past

An alert reader sends along a link to this story about him, from nearly 20 years ago. (The O sort of gets it, here.)

UPDATE, 9:22 p.m.: Steve Duin digs in on the story here. Our criminal "justice" "system" is extremely screwed up.

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It always astounds me that the system could give monsters like this concurrent sentences as opposed to consecutive sentences. Any one of the incidents that took place way back then deserved a sentence of 15 to 20 years, and if they had strung them together consecutively it would have added up to a life sentence. It's tragic that we constantly hear about monsters like this who have done it before, only to be let out to do it again.

So the sentencing judge "was satisfied" that this guy would die (of AIDS) in prison. He didn't, and was released in 2004, and apparently moved to Portland in 2010. Wonder where he was on June 4 of that year.

Truly a monster. Our system is set up to control, profit from and harass the small time street thugs.

Guys like this are not handled well, even though TONS of pedophiles exist.

Was it Washington that was just not letting them out? Like testing to see if they were still attracted to kids by showing them pictures of kids and having a sensor on their penis? If they became aroused they stayed in a facility not unlike prison?

Not advocating something like that, but it's an interesting approach.

He surely got better medical care for his AIDS in prison than he ever would have on the outside. It's no wonder. That bad ones never die.

Sexual assaults of this type are perpetrated by people for whom there is no chance of rehabilitation. The nation needs to have a serious conversation about the merits of castration in these cases. It's that, life imprisonment, or execution. Release should not be an option in a civilized society.

The state releases these people knowing full well they'll abuse again (the "we can't watch him 24/7" quote in the Oregonian article is quite telling) which is no less criminal or grotesque than the crime itself.

Does the incidents in 1992 pre-date Measure 11? In a post Measure 11 world -- he would never have gotten out of prison for the intial crimes?

Just read the list on this guy. How the hell is he out walking around on the streets? This makes zero sense. Unbelievable.

"The nation needs to have a serious conversation about the merits of castration in these cases. It's that, life imprisonment, or execution. Release should not be an option in a civilized society."

From what I have heard/read castration doesn't necessarily stop pedophiles from doing the molesting, it just changes the way they molest. We aren't going to execute them unless they commit murder, so it's life in prison with no opportunity for parole, especially when you have a guy who has done this to so may vulnerable young kids over a long period of time. I have no problems with locking them up and throwing away the key when it's clear they are psychopaths who are incapable of being rehabilitated.

Jesus H. Christ. I am otherwise almost totally speechless.

It's time for someone to organize the victims to picket the judge's house. Or Alzheimers unit.

Police officers see these kinds of folks every day, walking our streets. The Oregon Psychiatric Review Board deals with hundreds of people just as dangerous as this guy. They release them into halfway houses with minimal supervision as a matter of routine. When you learn what some of their clents have done the tought of them being in close proximity to innocent people is truly frightening.Washington has a much better system wherein such people as held on civil commitments, even after a criminal sentance is served, until they are deemed no longer a threat.

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