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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Welcome, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Over the last couple of days, this blog has had a visitor from one particular IP address in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The visitor has been here six times, reading and re-reading our recent posts about the new Miss Oregon, Rachel Berry, and her eligibility issues. Perhaps it's Berry's mom, who lives and works in Fort Wayne. If so, we're glad that she's reading this, and hope that she will join us in urging her daughter to disclose the full and honest truth about where she lived last fall. If not, we'll have more coverage on Thursday.

Comments (13)

Why would anyone think they can be invisible these days?
Resign Rachael, and get this over with!

The Berry family has a lot to think about here.

I am somewhat amazed that anyone really cares. I guess it is kind of cute. Like a barber shop quartet fixation or blowing the lid off of someone forgetting the lyrics to God Bless America. And ineligle beauty queen. woo hoo

"Baby was a rollin' stone. Wherever she laid her crown was home. But then she lied, and all she left us was a koan."

Where beauty is, then there is ugliness;
where right is, also there is wrong.
Knowledge and ignorance are interdependent;
delusion and enlightenment condition each other.
Since olden times it has been so.
How could it be otherwise now?
Wanting to get rid of one and grab the other
is merely realizing a scene of stupidity.
Even if you speak of the wonder of it all,
how do you deal with each thing changing?


George, one has to begin somewhere in all the obfuscation that we have in our society, then work up the food chain where we really need it. Jack is doing his part.

Cutting in line and then reaping 10 grand in scholarship dough + all the other beni's that come along with the Miss Oregon title...is a slimy thing to do. This controversy will be a permanent stain on her reign if she insists on keeping the crown in her clutches.

This is going to be the funniest episode of Toddlers and Tiaras yet! And I've seen them all!

I'm only joking about half of the above.

exactly! lw
If this young woman is not qualified then she is stealing the money and the perks granted to her by "winning" the title of Miss Oregon.
Is the $10,000 prize money qualify her for criminal grand theft charges, if she has not met the qualifications for the competition?

Calm down. Crime requires willfulness. This may just be an honest mistake. Covering it up wouldn't be good, though.

Time for the swimsuit redux, then, eh? Covering up only invites those other kinds of suits, the ones with long arm statutes.

Oh woe. 'Over' in the 'other' comments I had a 10-hour astrological analysis of 1000 words vaporized in a mouseblip. I hear groaning, and a collective sigh of relief.
never never never compose tracts on-line while Mercury is retrograde.
Mercury is retrograde 20 days thrice yearly. Once is now until Aug. 8.

No, I'm not going to rewrite my analysis. Skipping the astrological details, here's the conclusion.

In my consider opinion: She violated the residency rule. And did so knowingly.

Opprobrium and publicity pressure for her to admit her cheat and resign is hardly going to obtain such results. But perhaps it might.

A bizarre sight appeared to me as I pored over her pattern of planets. There was showing a combination of two powerful influences (Capricorn ambition and Pisces deception or delusion), characteristic of fraud, seizing her consciousness into behavior from the middle of May, through June, and now a few days more in July until passing by and never to recur in her lifetime; the same two-element combination patterned exactly the same is seen in the birth charts of both Rush Limbaugh (Capricorn Sun, Pisces Moon) and Lars Larson (Capricorn Moon, Pisces Sun), however as permanent fixtures for them every day of their lives. How bizarre! I was gobsmacked and goosefleshed in a double deja vu. (Deja 'deja vu' vu?)

I mention this similarity (her June, their lifetimes) to provide some context in which to consider whether it will work or not applying publicity pressure on her (or them) to admit being guilty and resign.

What this requires is an investigation by John Kroger.

Tensky -- Thank you! I wondered if the girl was really a conservative. Almost Palinesque, eh?

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