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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Trolling for Mommy votes

Mayoral hopefuls Nutsy Smith and Char-Lie Hales have figured out that a lot of Portland public school activists will be turning out in November to vote for the mega-school construction borrow-and-spend ballot measure. And so they're falling all over each other to support it. Hales, readers will recall, is to the local school district what Al Gore was to the internet. Smith likes the schools because they're a good place for rec league basketball and punching people in their privates.

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Having raised three kids in Portland over the past 25 years, my advice is to parents is... if you can't afford private school, do your kids a favor and don't raise them in Portland. The odds that you'll regret it are closely related to local HS graduation rate.

Isn't punching someone's nuts like the lowest of low blows?

Thanks for not mentioning what Sam likes about schools.

We have some excellent nicknames for many of the local Portland pols. "Nutsy" and "Char-LIE"; "Jelly" Fish; "{Legend: Saltzman; "Admiral" Randy; "Nurse" Amanda; "Sam the Scam".

What are we going to call Steve Novick?

Novick has already won and just marking time until he's sworn in on January 1, 2013.

For that matter, if Nolan beats Fritz, Fritz, what do we have for Nolan?

I'm kind of partial to a name from the "Top Gun" movie. For me, until and unless something better comes along, Nolan is in my book going to be "Viper"

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