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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Trib archives disappear

As part of revamping the internet pages of the Portland Tribune, all of its old stories have suddenly become unavailable. How lame is that?

They're supposed to be back soon, but if the old links are all bad and there are no good redirects, we will never link to a Trib story, ever again. You either take your mission seriously or you don't. If you don't, you're not worth reading.

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Now that Bob has the contracts for the train bridge cement, archives that might not be flattering to the city will have to go away.

Pamplin Media Schmedia Grp.: No news is good news!

Their comments section after their stories - perhaps the most telling part of the stories - have also changed and no longer allow anon posts.

Uh oh. Every time I've seen that archives have "temporarily" disappeared for news sites, it's technically true. However, when they go live again, a-MAY-zingly, the articles that either embarrassed the new management or that were written by people who fell out of favor are the ones that never come back.

Maybe they'll be accessible again on November 7.

Speaking of the "Facebook" comments, could someone tell me how to ENLARGE them? (Enlarging the general web page doesn't work.) They are so tiny, I can't read the flipping things. Do I somehow have to enlarge the font from my Facebook page?

Also, are the news media who have started linking their articles to Facebook for comments getting some kickback from Facebook?

I had been thinking about closing my Facebook page because I don't have much need for it. Plus, I think it's mostly a narcissistic outlet for too many people. It also irked me when I started getting emails from Facebook chiding me with "we noticed you haven't visited Facebook lately." Found that invasion of privacy a bit much.

I find it disturbing that unless you're willing to subject yourself to a Facebook account, you're prevented from joining the discussion or debate. But I also read recently that more and more young people are finding Facebook "uncool" because all their parents and grandparents are now on it, so maybe look for things to change again to some other medium in the future.

Oh, and I think you can open a Facebook account using a nom de plume, can't you?

"You either take your mission seriously or you don't. If you don't, you're not worth reading."


To be fair, however, the last time the Trib Online was redesigned, archives disappeared for a while, too. Lots of re-coding and linking to do.

Obviously, they came back. Not so sure whether the new overlords will do that this time.

I think the redesign looks incredibly dated.

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