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Monday, July 30, 2012

The oppposite of journalism

This is pretty funny -- Tri-Met's blowing multi-millions of dollars moving its headquarters into a building owned by the family of Portland city commissioner Dan Saltzman, at rent of about $1 million a year. And not only doesn't this reporter raise an eyebrow -- heaven forbid -- but he doesn't even give the owners' names.

He does note that "TriMet also recently closed a massive budget funding gap." That really captures the story, doesn't it?

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It's bizjournal. They don't do journalism. On the other hand, who does? Just the bloggers, these days.

IIt was said well today -- on Twitter, of course: "When stating a fact is seen as taking a stand, it's the end of journalism."

TriMet: Keeping the real estate business alive, so we can ignore our real mission.

Glad to see that real estate is picking up in downtown Portland. Zero cost gain? Future savings? Or just another pork award to the kingdom of bureaucrats?

Oh Danny Boy, the pork the pork is calling...

It would seem Andy here is angling for some sort of "Communication" job in the public sector and continues to build his positive cred for same.

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