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Monday, July 23, 2012

The next Wapato Jail

The Port of Portland's new whatever facility that will destroy bald eagle habitat on West Hayden Island probably isn't needed nearly as much as the politicians and bureaucrats are telling us. It's reminiscent of many local wastes of money -- including the new interstate bridge disaster. Here's one of many voices of caution that are being trampled under foot in the fake public process currently under way.

Whenever you see Mayor Creepy working the crowd with a microphone while a pious 20-something City Hall planner writes things on an easel, you know you are being screwed.

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The answers didn't appear to persuade audience members that their worries would be addressed. But some were at least happy the bureau appeared to be listening

Isn't that the whole purpose of these public hearings, so the decision makers can pretend to be listening to citizens' concerns about a deal that's already been made?

Look up the Delphi Method aka "we care about what you think, as long as we agree with it" method - Like that METRO opinion crap.

Just a show.

Public process is certainly important, but Sam's post city-hall career plans are more important.

SO tiresome! and it has been going on for ages. I don't see any way to stop these lying charades aka "charrettts".

However, this opinion has not been thoroughly debated. The current process was initiated by Mayor Sam Adams to develop part of West Hayden Island without asking people in the rest of Portland how they feel.

Has anything of significance been thoroughly debated?
Can't have too much of that, as too much in opposition to agendas around here would obviously show that we the citizens are left out of the debate. I am sure that somewhere behind the Curtain there is plenty of debate going on about how to continue screwing us.

The hypocrisy is almost beyond belief. . . how sustainable we are in words here!
The message to those outside of Portland I talk to are puzzled that these kinds of matters would be happening in such a green city?
Of course, we know there are different kinds of green!!

I doubt that the Mayor ever let go of the control of that microphone.
A master of control taught so well under all those years with Katz.

"It feels like the same game," said Peters, who has attended multiple meetings on the port's development plans since the late 1990s. "They listen, but nothing changes."

I am stunned by the amount of debt that Sam's Administration is racking up. It seems every day he is proposing something that costs millions, if not billions of dollars. PDX has a debt load greater than that of several other cities that are already in bankruptcy. What will be the tipping point Jack? When the debt service reaches 50%? At 26%, it seems pretty darned close already.

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