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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sign here, kid

Anyone who would own a tanning salon, knowing what we do about skin cancer, is creepy in our book. But some of these characters go above and beyond.

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Looks like that tanning huckster's itchin' for a smackdown by the new A.G. in town. Those uv-A rays must bake the grey matter a crispy brown, too.

On the phone CEO John Guyette said, “We have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau and you don’t get that when you’ve got unanswered complaints.”

That's true! Want to keep your "A" rating with the BBB? All you have to do is "respond." Your response can be "Get stuffed" if you choose, but if you respond to the complaint, you stay in good standing.

I sued a local car dealer in small claims court long ago and won. The general manager walked out and sneered at me, "Good luck getting your money kid." I had to sue again and the court garnisheed their bank account. And yet the company kept their A rating with the BBB. The BBB's response? "You got you money didn't ya?"

Yeah, a good rating with the BBB. Wow.

Before you start slamming tanning salons you need to keep in mind that there are many people like me with psoriasis that tan.
It pretty much puts it into remission like none of the medication I use can. And if someone wants to tan they should be able to. You want ban people from going outside without sunscreen too!

If you need medical treatment, go to a medical facility. These are just licensed cancer machines. They ought to be outlawed.

"licensed cancer machines"...that are costing, and will cost the taxpayers a good deal of money for skin cancer treatments. We all pay one way or another more taxes or higher insurance rates, just like with smoking and obesity.

Jack, if I go to my dermotoligist  I have a $40 copayment. I can tan 15 times for that. It takes about 30 tans from January  to June for the best reduction of symptoms.  And I have talked to my doctor and have his approval. The benefit out ways the risk. I shouldn't be deprived of this benefit due to others that overuse tanning.  How about getting rid of cars, what they kill over 40,000 people a year right. How many other things do you want to ban because you don't agree. 

I forgot to mention that the $40 copayment is for LIGHT TREATMENT or tanning in a doctors office. 

The BBB is the ultimate scam.

I would make the argument that these contracts are voidable because they don't contain the mandatory 3 day cancellation language. The owner of this chain is a Class A slimeball. My bet is that the employees have a qouta of some sort, or they get a massive comission, which explains the high pressure misleading sales tactics.

What can be done? Are people like this allowed to stay in business? And how do they???

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