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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

She blinded me with technology

We've had a tech-filled late afternoon and evening after buying new iPhones for us and the Mrs. this afternoon. We were updating from the old iPhone 3, and so much has improved. For the next six weeks, we'll be more or less state of the art, as opposed to being three steps behind. And we're already whispering sweet nothings to Siri.

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I was tired of coping with the 3. I was tempted more and more often to take a hammer to it. Spoiled rotten.

Siri can be fickle. One day she is pleasant and cooperative, tending to my every request, and the next day she ignores me. When she decides to be nice, life is sweeter.

I love Siri. Sometimes she doesn't love me back but that,s OK.

I love Siri. It's her parents that I can't stand. Well, at least Tom.

Say it aint so! It's only a few more steps to "Siri, scan Oregonlive for articles about the city of portland, and put up a related scathing blog post about their incompetence, fraud and wastefulness". It's a science fiction world, indeed.

When the dust clears. I'm betting on Samsung. Not a large bet. Just a hunch.

Just don't try to talk to Siri with a Scottish brogue:

The iPhone 4's break a lot easier than the 3's. I would get a bumper or a case for the phone, if you don't already use one.

"I'm betting on Samsung. Not a large bet. Just a hunch."

The way Apple is throwing the lawyers at Samsung, you know they think they are a real threat and the latest stuff from Samsung is pretty impressive compared to the iPhone,s o I'd assume they'd catch the iPad soon.

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