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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Roseburg stall needs to end

How long is this going to go on? The police aren't going to let the Kyron Horman case drop any time during the wicked stepmother's lifetime. There's no statute of limitations for murder. There's going to be a pending criminal inquiry until somebody goes to jail. And so she needs to face the music on the civil side -- her divorce and the Desiree Young lawsuit -- and stop trying to put it off because of the pending criminal inquiry. She shouldn't get a lifetime free pass from the legal system just because she's a suspect in a heinous crime.

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Don't forget, she has Houze as an atty and 90% of the judges are scared of him.

Does she still have him? How much Houze can her family afford?

The fact that she is in this tight spot should be her problem and no one elses. Information revealed in the civil suit might be incriminating, but that's the house she built.

just because she's a suspect in a heinous crime???
I wasn't aware that she had even been formally named a person of interest..

Hopefully the next Multnomah County D.A. will have enough circumstantial evidence to indict and let a jury decide.

Isn't there a way the divorce and lawsuit can go forward without her testimony? I realize that Kyron's Mom wants and deserves answers, but an uncooperative person should not be holding all the cards. What happens if a defendant can't defend themselves because testimony might incriminate them? In a non-legal world, stepmom's unresponsiveness would put her in in contempt and the plaintiff would prevail. It is outrageous that if a person commits a crime, that crime can be the very thing that keeps them from going to jail. The legal system has some mighty big cracks. And why should a judge be afraid of an attorney? Shouldn't it be the other way around?

"Does she still have him?"

Sorry, re-read, different guy for civil case.

I have the same question about affodability - Unless she has a book deal in the works, very sad if true.

The Red Squirrel has been very successful at evasion, thus far.

She may not be smart, but she's crafty.

Cage match between Red Squirrel and Tonya Harding should generate a couple mil. It's a start.

Time to call in the Psych detectives, the Bolshoi Ballet and Inspector Clouseau.

Criminal lawyers generally charge a flat fee for a representation, paid entirely up front.* My guess is that Horman/her family cut Houze a check for something like $250k back at the beginning, and he'll see this through until the end.

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