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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Portland arts groups not exactly starving

In the discussion of the proposed $35-a-head City of Portland arts tax, we hope that the finances of all of the beneficiary organizations are opened up and thoroughly aired. It sure seems that there is already a lot of public money sloshing around in those entities. Why we should take tax dollars from working families and hand them to the opera is a little beyond us.

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Don't forget when Sam's ex-partner gets the Armory theater subisdized with CoP money when renting the PCPA was perfectly fine, this is what types of abuses of the system you'll see with this head taz.

The Regional Arts and Culture Council, which will be a major recipient of ADDITIONAL CoP funds if the head tax passers, gave money most recently as follows:

The top 10 recipients are:

Portland Art Museum, $193,740
Oregon Symphony Association, $143,860
Portland Opera, $140,060
Portland Center Stage, $90,560
Oregon Ballet Theatre, $85,900
Oregon Children’s Theatre, $60,280
Artists Repertory Theatre,
Portland, $56,920
Chamber Music Northwest, $53,450
White Bird, $51,460
Literary Arts Inc., $45,070

Each of these organizations is a non profit, and in addition tax exempt under one of the various provisions of 26 USC 501 (c). Each is required to file an IRS 990 form each year.

A perusal of the IRS 990s for each organization might be in order for folks who are going to vote on the new tax increase.

See: http://www.guidestar.org/

If you want to know how to read a 990, look at:



In addition, the Oregon AG's Charitable Activities Section has data on expenditures by each charitable entity feeding at the taxpayers' trough.



Interesting reading.

Me, I think rodeos and monster truck pulls are significant cultural and artistic events. Will those kinds of entities get funding, or is taxpayer funding only for elitist and exclusionary organizations like those listed above?

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