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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Only in Portlandia

Guess it was just a matter of time before pitches like this started showing up in the mail:

Glad to see the entrepreneurial spirit trying to make a few bucks off our "green" garbage ordeal. But the whole thing's starting to feel like a science fiction movie. And a depressing one at that.

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Yikes, more gimmicky marketing shlock. Do affluent liberal Portlanders ever look at their lives and just scream?

I love the picture on the top right. Yikes. How bad was that dinner?

It won't really be Portlandia 'til there's a backpack version for leftover scraps you might have on a long bicycle trip.

Sorry for repeating the "Yikes" so soon but it was from the heart.

I have to agree with the science fiction vibe, Jack. Portland's starting to resemble a horrible fusion of "Logan's Run" and "Brazil", with a big dollop of "Soylent Green" to the mix. I'm just waiting for the Australian motorcycle punks in buttless bondage pants to start ransacking the food trucks. (Admittedly, I'd *pay* to see that, but...)

My wife pounded two small nails in our under sink cabinet for the slop bucket 5 months ago. Hmmm-we should have asked for a patent!!

Does anybody actually use those things to collect slops? It seems unbelievable.

Wow. Where to begin...

First of all, marketing must have absolutely destroyed somebody's dream of calling it "Kitchen Kompost Kaddy!"

The advertised carbon "filter" is not a filter at all. It sits underneath the lid where there are no holes for ventilation, hence "filtering." The stench will still be there when you open the bin.

Check out the price online. You can get into one of these wonders for as low as $45.00 with bio-bags! (Order before midnight!) About half the cost of a garbage disposal.

Wait a minute, there's already a garbage disposal under the sink in the picture above!

And as Bill says, who throws away that much food. I guess the way I was brought up, where throwing away food was a "sin," doesn't work anymore. Not secular.

Good thing no energy was used in the manufacturing of this product.

On a related note, I see that Stenchy's cousin is joining the ranks of the unemployed. Chuck E. Cheese will soon have a new image as a hip, electric-guitar-playing rock star. Obviously this won't play as hip in Portland -- he'll need gauged ears, a single speed bike and a compost pail to recycle the donut crumbs. And to think this mascot started out as a cigar smoking New Jersey rat.

It's interesting to do a whois on the domain....


Why do the little screws holding the charcoal filter look like eyes...looking at you!
Are those the tiny cameras for observing the composting habits of the inhabitants?
Fines of up to $100,000 and a prison term of up to 10 years for each offense will be imposed for those found to be in violation of composting guidelines.
Just like oil spills...

Somewhere in America, Ron Popeil is pooping himself.

Nothing on the Compost Backpack for long bicycle trips? Get my patent lawyer back on the phone.

Laugh all you want about garbage disposals but I'm thinking that is next thing the Green Gods running this city are going to re-educate you all about. Trust. And disposable diapers.

Vote with your wallet and move out of Portland, people.

Hmmm - One wonders if Sammyboy has a part in this venture. He’ll be out of a job at the end of the year and delivering garbage is his specialty.

it seems that banning garbage disposers has been thought of before. Actually, I thought they would be the preferred way for dealing with food waste. Put it all into the waste stream and filter it out as sludge that goes onto some farm somewhere. Is that too simple? It's what most of us do now.


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