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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

One dead, another gravely wounded in Cully stabbings

And the Portland police press release that just came in says, "Detectives do not know at this time what precipitated the stabbings and can only say that this is a suspicious death investigation." Gee, d'ya think?

The killing was in the 4300 block of Ainsworth. Between that and the armed street robbery at 43rd and Fremont this morning, it's been a rough 24 hours at that longitude.

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Today the Police Bureau released the crime statistics for the first 6 months of 2012 compared with the same period in 2011. It looks like the rates for serious crimes are up across the board; including murders. There's nothing to fear though, Sgt. Pete Simpson doesn't think it's statistically significant.


That neighborhood obviously needs a streetcar line!


Dead body found on NE 82nd today, too. The death stink alerted people.

The article mentioned by Prag just signifies how pathetic our local 'heads' feel about OUR safety. As a 'middle class' victim of crime (husband murdered, me stabbed), I cannot believe that our mayor and the rest are not more concerned nor motivated to make crime at LEAST a priority above 'bike paths' in our city. We are hearing of multiples daily...serious crimes. It's obvious we're asleep--look what we accept as daily news without much reaction at all. Do the too rich and too 'Portlandia' not think it can touch them? I actually get a sadistic smile when I read when muggings happen in the the SW 'crime free' places around C-Crest and the hills in SW. Welcome to what the rest of us worry about. It's-a-coming YOUR way! Perhaps since a bicyclist got mugged on Fremont yesterday, it will hit home to some folks who should be more concerned about crime than doing a makeover on Williams.

What was that? Only a few more murders than last year??? Oh boy. That's something to feel safe about.

"That neighborhood obviously needs a streetcar line!"

And subsidized condos. And more car-less Sundays and bike paths and less food deserts.

God, this is a screwed up town.

Sad. More money to basic services (i.e. police) instead of bikepaths, greenways, and bioswales. Basic needs > "want to" projects

I actually get a sadistic smile when I read when muggings happen in the the SW 'crime free' places around C-Crest and the hills in SW.

While I can empathize in regard to the event that caused you such pain, I wonder if you might not benefit from counseling; that's a pretty callous attitude you've expressed.

Over the years, I have lived in inner NE Portland, Rockwood, NW Portland, and finally, SW Portland - in the hills. So, I've lived in the very areas in which crime today is so rampant (NE, Rockwood). Let me clue you in: I could (and did) walk those streets at any hour of day or night in complete safety. Never once was I threatened or harassed, much less assaulted.

So, what do you suppose changed? Obviously, there are many factors, but I don't think it's a coincidence that the high-crime areas of today happen to follow light rail alignments. When I lived in Rockwood, we had a Fred Meyer center and a Safeway store. After light rail went active, both eventually closed, citing identical reasons: skyrocketing shoplifting and other crime.

Although I voted to approve the Portland/Gresham light rail line, I learned from the mistake, and voted against the Portland/Hillsboro and the Interstate lines. They were, of course, built anyway; overriding voter rejection. Now, they simply don't allow votes.

They built the line to Clackamas Town Center without bothering with the formality of voting, and the Clackamas County Sheriff's department noted a 32% increase in crime after the line went live - even as crime county-wide decreased during the same time-frame. Coincidence? I think not.

I believe that sufficient evidence correlating increased crime with light rail exists to support a contention that the policies of what passes for our "leaders" have imperiled public safety. And I don't get a sadistic smile when I read about it.

I guess I used the wrong word (sadistic). I'm not happy about those crimes. I just think that something might actually be done about crime when it personally affects those who run this city and state.

Mossy, thanks for the clarification. I'm just glad that we don't (yet) have light rail in the west hills. Bus services have been slashed, though, so that Tri-Met can continue with its train mania.

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