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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Nuke outrage, and a great quotation

Here's a troubling report, and here's a smart reaction: "I'll trust nuclear plants when the senior management and their families all live on the grounds."

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Very interesting. Sounds a lot like Trojan. Only there, if memory serves, it was determined to be a design flaw in the Westinghouse manufactured steam generators. I recall that PGE filed suit against Westinghouse, but don't recall the outcome.

In 2011 there was an ammonia leak that caused a pretty good scare down there. We were hiking near the plant (San Clemente), then drove by as it was happening. If you can imagine one of those large domes covered with white frost, sirens sounding, and helicopters everywhere, then you can get a sense of what I was thinking.

One of the big local concerns following that event was about the lack of information made immediately available to the media, so they could properly inform the public as to what was going on. The information did come about an hour or so later, but few actually knew what a local level 3 event was, or if the ammonia leak caused the plant to be dangerous. Of course, I'm not even sure what we could have done if the threat was immediately broadcast or if it was real, except to hope any radiation exposure might give me super powers.

The plant was later determined by Federal Investigators to have failed in how workers handled the situation. The Fed report highlighted confusion among workers at the plant during the event. I feel so much better now.

Funny about the living nearby thing, because that's what people in the navy do, and it's why socialist navy nuclear is so much better run than the corporate form.

The risks and benefits of nuclear technology are endlessly debatable on their own, but one thing that really shouldn't be considered debatable at this point is that nuclear reactors are totally incompatible with the for-profit mindset that always seeks to privatize profit and externalize costs (health risks etc).

Actually, the live nearby standard is one we should be using in as many ways as possible with industrial facilities, particularly confined animal feeding operations and what not. We could replace huge volumes of laws and regulations that unsuccessfully attempt to instill some social awareness into amoral corporations by implementing effective feedback loops, such as the corporate officers must all live downwind of their CAFOs, and all industrial facilities must draw their intake water downstream of where they discharge their waste.

"I'll trust nuclear plants when the senior management and their families all live on the grounds."

This also fits, to trusting planners when they and their families all live in the ghetto housing allowed by codes devoid of patios and yards and apartment bunkers without parking spaces.

Any person, in a position of power, whether elected, appointed or employed, shall be required to be domiciled in a manner to which they are immediately subject to the consequences of their facilities and their power.

All TriMet managers should be forced to use TriMet, regardless of how convenient it is.

Everyone that passed healthcare reform shall be subject to it.

Enact a tax - pay for it.

If you are elected by a constituency you must be a part of such (here's looking at you Charlie and Ron.)

If you demand high density condo housing, you better live in it.

If you pass land-use regulations that require a URA, you must live within it.

If you demand bicycling, you must bicycle - 100% of the time. I don't care if it's pouring down rain sidewalks.

I will add that for those pushing to change our current Bull Run Water System thus seriously degrading our drinking water should have to drink the end result, that includes any added toxic chemicals and any Willamette River water blend added. What are these advocates planning to do, buy bottled water from the Gorge or elsewhere, install very expensive filtration systems and the rest of the people living here, be damned??

And those advocating for running coal trains through our city should be required to live next to the tracks. That means to actually live there 365. Some of the MOTU care not what they do to others, as they have their private getaways to run to away from the disasters they create. As for the nuclear situation, not so easy to escape. . .
Why are we in Oregon not getting radiation reports and numbers?

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