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Monday, July 23, 2012

Nichole Mead is the new Miss Oregon

At least the pageant directors got that part right. Congratulations to her, and our condolences that she didn't get the big round of applause that was rightfully hers the night of June 30.

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I'm just so glad to live in a country where the orderly transfer of power can occur without tanks in the streets.

Better looking than the Cali girl.

My life is permanently altered now.

Now lets get working on toppling Wyden before he gets a building named after him to prove he almost lives here!

It's not about looks -- it's a scholarship competition.

It's not about looks -- it's a scholarship competition Still, I agree w/steve

Just curious, how come you never congratulated Ms. Berry when she won? You only congratulated Ms. Meade, it almost makes it look like you have a personal agenda.

As soon as I saw that Berry was Miss Orange County 2011, I knew she was a state hopper and probably ineligible. I don't congratulate people for that kind of behavior.

fair enough Jack! However, just reading all of this, you sound really angry towards a poor girl who sounds like she was silenced. I smell a big cover-up.

I have said right from the beginning of the serious inquiry, and I quote, "if Miss Oregon gets dethroned over this, it won't be entirely fair to her. She's not an evil person; no doubt she's done a ton of charity work in southern Cal.

"The people who run the pageant show in Oregon, however, ought to have their heads knocked together for letting this happen."

Gorgeous blue eyes? Check.
Flawless skin? Check.
Perfect teeth? Check.
Flowing locks of hair? Check.

Thank god it's not about looks. But it definitely feels a lot better to have a real Oregonian in the position.

Reader: I'm pretty sure the body's great too, but it's not about that either. It's the brains that prevailed.

To bad her spirit isn't as beautiful as that "Cali girl".... Must be rough when the only way you can win is to have your friend/ Miss Portland call the news to get the wheels in motion to take crowns away. Sucks she couldn't win the right way but I guess in the pageant world lying, backstabbing, cheating and being two faced women is expected. Good luck at Miss America....

What's sad is it took the pageant officials 4 days to figure out that there is a Newport in Oregon too...

Blahblahblab, just a little more anger in your post and I would have thought that you were either related to or a good friend of Miss Berry. Or maybe even a California transplant who doesn't like Oregon pridefullness. If someone got ahead by cheating and ruined my hard work for success, if there was a way I could expose the injustice I would. For whoever who brought this situation to light, good for them!

"it's a scholarship competition"

I must have missed the scholastic achievement or book report part of the competition. My apologies.

Actually Bolo I am neither one and I'm 100% Oregonian.

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