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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Multnomah Co. accused of misspending economic development money

Farquaad Cogen and the New Sisters of Hawthorne have some 'splainin' to do:

The county reported spending constitutionally mandated economic development dollars on homeless youth services, debt service, GEDs for prison parolees, and tax preparation assistance for low-income families.

I want to be clear — these are worthwhile programs. I’ve personally volunteered at New Avenues for Youth, which receives a portion of the $726,000 the county spends on homeless services from this fund. While these programs may be worthwhile, they are not economic development.

The justification for spending this money on homeless youth shelters was cited as, "Provides intervention for 1,000 homeless youth visibility, which has a direct impact on citizen perception of safety. Improving the safety of pedestrians and shoppers in the retail core are explicitly identified implementation actions under two of the four strategies in the 2009 Portland Downtown Retail Strategy."

Humpty Dumpty at his finest.

Comments (14)

Again Democrats with decent ideas but no way to pay for them.

And if they actually spent the money on economic development, people would have jobs and not be looking for a hand-out.

Yes, but hand-outs buy votes today, not tomorrow.

Molalla caught --misused $2.5 million in development fees

I have no doubt that if the PDC, Clackamas County UR/ED agency (or many others) ever get outside forensic audits there will be some big discoveries.

You don't seem to get it - It's their money and they can spend it any way and on any project they want.

Yep, they worked hard for that money so they deserve to spend it as they see fit. They had to sit in a bunch of meetings and listen to various people tell them what to do. So now they deserve the chance to spend it all on whatever they want.

Besides, there is a strategy document that says we're going to spend money on stuff. We can't just be changing the strategy can we? I mean, the document is printed up and everthing so we have to follow it.

Spending laws are only for little people, and Bill Sizemore.

So THAT's why all those young people are hanging out at freeway off-ramps. Warm and dry mult co shelter at night, drug and alcohol money during the day. Gotcha.

Sick, sick, sick. How I loath the democratic party.

I decided to do the moral thing with the off-ramp kids, instead of fuming and muttering to myself stuff like..."look at this one. SO obviously pickled. Liver probably feels like a sandbag. Young, too. Who the hell is dumb enough to give this character money???? Etc etc. . I'm going to get a bunch of one-dollar bills and cut the patriarch's picture out of the middle, after doing a quick mental genuflection. Then, replace the cut-out square with a little scotch-taped patch of white paper with a printed message:"please get treatment for your alcoholism". Then, wait until the light is green, and hand the folded up dollar bill to the mendicant, while getting ready to step in the gas.

What I can't fathom is how we've let the politicians/bureaucrats loosely define so many of our policies. We modestly question it, but it just passes.

Back in the 50's and 60's, growing up here in Oregon, when citizens questioned these kinds of interpretations before a school board, a commission, a council, the legislature there was a response. It didn't take a initiative, a vote; but several to many citizens with a clear message got a result. It didn't take attorneys, power point presentations and magnificent speeches; just concerned citizens.

Why are we and common sense being ignored? Sadly it now has become time to take legal action to enforce our statutes and laws.

The message is that rules are for chumps. Plain and simple.

Hating the Democrats is a good start Gaye. I take it a step further. I hate them all.

'Hate' too strong a word? I don't think so. Not now. Not when our leaders are still behaving like schmucks while knowing full well our $$$ downturn is going to be longer and longer. Still being foolish while a cascade of bankruptcies engulf our cities.

Plenty of hate.

Yes very sad when those elected are to be taking care of our matters looking out for our best interest. What is the oath that they took? Apparently, it means nothing to them.

What I can't fathom is how we've let the politicians/bureaucrats loosely define so many of our policies. We modestly question it, but it just passes.

Remember Title 34? As I recall over 400 pages of details, what citizen can keep up with this? In my view we have been constantly bombarded with so many changes in codes, etc at times head spinning. Keeping us bombarded and overwhelmed I guess is one way to get policies through.

These are the same schmucks that have a jail that's never been used. When I tell people here in Nevada that Portland has a new jail that's never seen inmates, they are completely appalled at the waste of public funds and gross mismanagement. At least here the pols realize we're broke and we've reached the point where revenues are stable and they're no longer cutting jobs or services.

Lee and Clinamen, are the old days gone? Or are young people learning the rules are suggestions only and nothing is wrong until or unless you get caught? But if you get caught and nothing happens..... It's all downhill from there.

It all started when the Eastern raised, Oregon educated grads decided this place was too good to leave. Why not run for office (these local yocals have no clue), bring a little "east coast sanity" to the forest dwellers (they will thank us in 800 years) and grab the political reigns while young and stoned. The east will give us loads of cash for being progressive wonks, as long as we stay off their turf back home.

If I were King, I would have all my subjects with a degree in Liberal Arts tend the fields and flocks east of the Cascades. It would be there that the education truly happened...but if only I were KING!!!

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