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Monday, July 16, 2012

Miss Oregon's little sister scrubs her Twitter account

It's the latest in the feverish privatization of the internet pages of everyone close to Rachel Berry, the new Miss Oregon, whose eligibility for the title has been called into question on account of her apparent lack of timely Oregon residency.

What was on the Twitter pages of Adrienne Berry, Rachel's sister, that she might be so worried about that suddenly she's gone private? We have some fascinating screenshots taken before Adrienne's Tweets became hidden earlier today. We'll post about them on Thursday. Last night we urged Rachel to come clean and tell Oregonians the whole truth about where she lived and when. We'll repeat that call now.

UPDATE, 7/17, 1:12 p.m.: Update here.

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Introducing a new pagent: Miss Underground USA!

Uh oh, Rachel just identified the picture at the top of your blog as Catalina Island.


Twice now in the last five years we've had carpetbaggers come up from California and take the crown. I would be interested to hear from someone inside the family or industry or whatever thy call it...is Oregon considered easy pickings? What other states are considered easy wins?

At least the gal from five years ago had spent a long time in Tigard before moving to California and making her 11th-hour return. This one's straight outta Indiana via Burbank. But very well connected in Seaside, Oregon...

What's Rachel's birthdate, time, and place, as much as you know, Jack?

I'll dial her up on the Grok-a-Scope (TM) and maybe see how this turns out, at the end of the last chapter ... and with spoiler alert.

I know the date, but not the time of day or city.

Let's start with that. Date alone is 90% of the story anyway, and then if there is a second data point known exactly -- date time & place of coronation as Miss Oregon, e.g. -- it can apply to 'rectify' (a process of eliminating uncertainties) the birth data.

Or maybe Mr. Peabody could set the Way-Back Machine for, say, November 2011, and go there and call her at home and ask where she's living then.

Of course, your prescription is best; confession is so good and healthful for the soul. Maybe she needs a role model to go first and set the example for her, and any of us. Such as, in today's scandal news flash:
Romney Comes Clean, Admits He Made $32 Trillion In 2006, July 16, 2012 | ISSUE 48•29 TheOnion

Still rooting for the "mentor" as Ms Leather Oregon 2012.

Miss Oregon? Doubt it, she barely knows the place, much less enough to miss it when she's home.

I dreamt Rachel Berry's real name was revealed to be Charlene Hales.

The solution is simple:

Just ask her to say "Oregon".

Tenskwatawa: I assume you're smart enough to know what you linked to. You are smart enough, right? *crosses fingers*

I was astonished as everyone with news Romney made a clean breast of his fraudulence.

Why wait til Thursday? Give up the goods.

I am giving Rachel a chance to do the right thing. She still has another whole day.

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