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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Knight Law Center and Party Room

We kid about the scene in Eugene devolving into U.C. Nike, but a lot of it isn't funny. We saw this debacle first-hand ourselves when we were down there last week. Pretty disarming. But what the hey -- for a few more tens of millions, they'd probably rename the whole university after Uncle Phil. Might not be a bad idea.

Speaking of big bucks and the university, this is pretty ominous. Stand by for some serious looting if The Network gets its way. They're up to something big. And it won't be good for the taxpayers, you can count on that.

Comments (4)

I don't see what the gripe is.

Our state's universities are woefully underfunded in comparison to their peers in other states so is it any surprise that they are willing to accommodate the generosity of Phil Knight?

What he has given to the university and community of Eugene over the years would probably allow for the use of some law school classrooms (that are adjacent to Hayward) during the summer. It didn't exactly hurt Eugene's economy playing host to the trials either. What's the problem?

One of the great ethical fallacies of our time is "I had it coming to me." It's right up there with "It doesn't hurt anyone," "Everybody does it," and "Nobody needs to know."

The disruption was a lot more than allowing classroom use.

I guess if you own the school you can do whatever you want with it.

I think a bigger question is "why are the taxpayers subsidizing the education of lawyers when there are two fine law schools in the state to begin with?

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