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Monday, July 30, 2012

"I'm off duty" Portland cop "is relatively new"

And he still doesn't have a name.

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This feels like the perfect time for a stress-related disability claim.

Looks as they have been successful in screening out the gung-ho recruits.

You'd think by the time he reached the end of his probationary period he would have gotten the concept that cops are supposed to chase bad guys.

All these comments seem to suggest that having Portland cops chase the bad guys is a good thing. Finally, there's at least one of these galoots that doesn't care to shoot someone in the back, or crush a mentally retarded kid, and to boot he probably puts the correct ammo in his gun.

TG, there is a pretty wide gap between this officer's complete lack of interest in doing the job and the incidents of excessive force you mention. What most Portlanders want, I would guess, is a good cop somewhere in the middle who wants to bust armed robbers and refrains from shooting unarmed men in the back or stomping 130 pound schizophrenics to death.

Reader. You are of course correct--hope you didn't miss the satire. Unfortunately there seems to be an inverted bell curve for PDX cops' behaviors.

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