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Friday, July 6, 2012

End of an era

Well, we invented it just for him, but now it's time to take John Kroger's score off the old State of Oregon press release meter. His is a record that won't be broken in our lifetimes, even by people on steroids. Kroger definitely slowed down at the end, however -- Kate Brown and Brad Avakian, who are looking busy while they try to get re-elected, have been popping out the media missives at the same clip.

Anyway, we'll see how Kroger's successor, Ellen Rosenblum, does in the media department. Given what her spouse does for a living, it could be interesting.

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I don't know, having just met Commissioner Avakian for the first time a little while ago, I have to say I'd handicap him with a fighting chance of winning the p.r. sleaze cup.

I immediately felt like I should take a shower just due to meeting him, and the feeling only multiplied ten minutes in, by a factor of at least three.

Oregon's got some shockingly sleazy folks in public office, in case you have not noticed (please note implied sarcasm in final clause, and have a nice evening).

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