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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Double mindscrew

Portland's second-worst mayor ever of the last 35 years (second only to Mother Vera, who created him) gets an enhanced foot massage from Willamette Week here. Hey, remember, they endorsed him.

Then they go into a convoluted tall tale about their latest endorsee, Charlie Hales. He's the ultimate developer call girl, but they're going to try to blur that picture somehow. Whatever, fellas.

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We're goin' down, down... down, down

God forbid we should get someone with an original thought whose myopia extends beyond condos and trollies being the cure for cancer.

Meanwhile the un-fun stuff like the mentally ill roaming the streets, potholes and crappy schools keeps getting ignored.

I guess the bar is really that low.

I suppose the argument could be made that Jeffy is the perfect person to represent the City of Portland since he is a home grown product of all the problems represented by Steve.

The fact they they consider his similarlities to Vera Katz as a positive demonstrates how meaningless their praise is for him.

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