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Saturday, July 14, 2012

California pageant grapevine abuzz with Miss Oregon residency flap

The recently televised evidence that the new Miss Oregon may not have been eligible to compete for that title has reached the pageant "family" in California, and they're expressing themselves here (scroll down a bit). It provides a fascinating glimpse into that world. There is still no public statement on the controversy from the person in question, Rachel L. Berry, who was Miss Orange County 2011.

UPDATE, 3:09 a.m.: Berry has also suddenly made private her YouTube video, posted on December 19, of her saying goodbye as Miss Orange County 2011. Unfortunately for her, there'll still be a Google cache of the YouTube page (but not the video itself) for a while, here (screenshot below). Between this and making her Twitter page private (there's still a cache here), she's creating the appearance that she is trying to hide facts. In our opinion, it is not a smart move.

UPDATE, 3:54 a.m.: She's also pulled this website down (cached here and here). This is just sad.

UPDATE, 12:46 p.m.: Another enlightening chat thread here.

UPDATE, 7/15, 9:58 p.m.: More here and here.

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I don't want to add more turmoil and pain at this awful time, but there's some profound questions further down on this link, and I need answers. First Rachel and now this. I don't know how much more uncertainty I can take!

It's in the story that asks if California has the most beautiful top 5 contestants in America. Let me pick this up midway through the debate:

- At least the ladies in this top 5 all look good in their evening gowns. Some of the top 5 groups from other states look absolute tragic in their five or ten year old prom gowns. (NT) -- Fashion Forward, 11:21:05 07/05/12 Thu

-Totally agree! Gorgeous gowns! Four out of the five dresses are Claire's dresses. Always a treat to see on stage! (NT) -- -Truly physically stunning women!, 05:46:39 07/06/12 Fri

-Remember evening gown is supposed to be won from the neck up or at least that's what I've been told. Two nights I had totally diiferent EW winners but I guess the dresses won. (NT) -- Hmmmmmm, 06:54:37 07/06/12 Fri

-No, you can be obese and ugly wearing a Claire's dress and you definitely won't win it. Its not the dress. I'm sure the judges didn't know who made the dresses. I'm just saying that its a joy for the audience to see Claire's dresses like a Tony Bowls, and Marina's Sherry Hill. These girls are so beautiful they could look good in a paper bag.

- (NT) -- I was speaking as a person who loves fashion. Don't want to start a fight on this hyper-sensitive board., 07:57:00

So is it true or not? Is the evening gown competition won from the neck up or is that a myth? And can you still win in a nice gown even if you're obese and ugly? ---signed - Confused in Portland

P.S. Free Rachel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And we should care about this because...?

We should care because every young woman deserves the right to be in a beauty pageant - if she's hot enough.

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