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Friday, July 20, 2012

Bus Project bus busted for drugs, says Taft

That's what Victoria Taft says happened either yesterday afternoon or this afternoon. Oh, what fun. Let's hope Nutsy was on board.

UPDATE, 4:26 p.m.: Now O reporters say on Twitter that the Bus Kids were pulled over for drugs, but none were found. Big Minus 1 for Vicky.

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I drove by that scene, too. But it happened yesterday around 1:30 p.m., not today. I wondered what was going on.

Anything that impairs Jeff's ability to punch in the junk should be regarded as Performancing Enhancing from an electability standpoint.


Nutsy? Would that be Mr. Smith or Ms. Taft? And if they both were on board, that would really be something.

Nutsy is the out-of-control 39-year-old trust fund baby who punches people in the gonads in basketball rec league, gets red carded in soccer matches, drives on a suspended license, and fails to appear for court dates. That Nutsy.

Hey, they were stopped, right? And they could have had drugs, right? That's enough, right?

Hate to say, Jack, but at 4:43 KATU posted a updated story with a photo of the drugs seized. But, it is heartwarming to see that the brave souls reporting for the "O" are maintaining a consistent level of accuracy in their reportage...

Drugs were found, but there's nothing in this KATU story tying it to the Bus Project bus. Stop believing and start thinking.

Oooops. Pardon, thought you were referring to the gig at the Hideaway - not the Bus Project. "Start thinking": I wasn't aware you had made my wife's acquaintence... :)

He he!

According to the O, the bus project bus was stopped two days in a row, no drugs were found but they were cited both times for driving without insurance. The bus was being used as a shuttle for some concert/gathering/drug party out past North Plains.

Jefferson Smith is no Neal Cassady.

Never a bad time for a Neal Cassady reference.
By the way, I just finished the most enjoyable rock and roll book I can remember reading: Sam Cutler's "You Can't Always Get What You Want". He was tour manager for the Stones in 1969, got shipwrecked on the shoals of Altamont where he fell into working for the Grateful Dead for 4 years.
Nothing I've read captures the madness of those times any better. In fact, the book reveals that it was actually 10 times crazier than I thought.
"On the Road" with the character based on Neal Cassady was the book that started it all off for Sam Cutler, a 15-year-old in England, and so many others, only he took it a lot further than most of us.

Nutsy's bus had no insurance. That's a shocker.

Okay, just discovered this Victoria Taft character through this website link. What a nut job. Seriously, she's as bad a Rush with her inability to deal with reality. Wow, wow, wow.

They're all bozos on that bus...

To quote from a gang that knows something about being creative after summoning the muse.

Re: insurance.

A rep of the Bus Project says the bus is insured, but the driver did not have the paperwork and got a ticket for it.

Did the bus driver have a Commercial Operators License? If more than 16 passengers or weight of vehicle exceeds 26000 lbs, then COL is required.

Smith isn't eligible for a COL because of his driving record. I wonder how many times he's been behind the bus wheel, especially intoxicated or drugged.

According to the O, the bus project bus was stopped two days in a row, no drugs were found but they were cited both times for driving without insurance.

In my opinion, if the bus insurance was somehow "overlooked" by Smith's handlers,
a fast track to get it in order may have been done behind the scenes.
Interesting that by the second day, would they not have made sure those insurance papers were on that bus?

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