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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Big week for science

Physicists the world over are toasting the isolation of the elusive Higgs boson -- the subatomic particle that holds the key to understanding the existence of all mass in the universe. It is a pretty impressive discovery:

Comments (12)

He is our density.

Too funny.

By the way, that's not a picture of other particles whizzing around. That's a diagram of the spending projects at the Water Bureau.

And meanwhile, Goldschmidt's dark energy continues to expand with the Portlandian universe, and give string theory it's true meaning.

Can the accelerator just keep spinning till he's gone from the universe?

So moving to Canada won't help?

"that's not a picture of other particles whizzing around."

Actually its a map of all the future pre-funded 'loo locations.

Randy's ego really doesn't need that much credit.

~.^ ^.~

The Boson is exactly right for Randy, the bosun's mate.

That's not a Boson, Higgs or otherwise. That's a Bozo.

Perhaps we call it a bozon?

It attracts graft and boondoggles while it repels integrity.

Max, I think you mean destiny. ;)

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