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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Armed robberies over this way

There were two street holdups in Northeast Portland within a half hour of each other at around 1 a.m. today. The first was at 43rd and Fremont, near the Beaumont Hardware store and a short block from an Umpqua Bank branch. The second was at 50th and Sandy -- where the Rheinlander restaurant is.

Things just keep getting funkier and funkier in Portland, don't they? Go by streetcar!

Comments (7)

So has the O's policy changed to identify the race of one suspect per crime?

Are you sure that wasn't just the PWB or PDC collecting "fees"?

It might have been the leaf fee collection people.

Well Chicago with its gun ban has really solved its crime problem.


What we must pay for our complacency.

So now, no longer safe walking around our neighborhoods anymore.
These robbers are clever in that most likely no video cameras, but wait,
that might be next in every corner of our city.

Tonight there was a multiple stabbing in Concordia / Cully, with at least one fatality:


Ah, the old neighborhood. Subjectively feels like something more than the usual summertime trend.

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