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Monday, July 2, 2012

Are man sandals wrong?

Here in Oregon, where Tevas with socks were once the rage, the question burns.

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Feet shouldnt be bound in socks and shoes all summer long just to keep yoona happy. The right balance between aesthetics and healthy practices is worthy of debate, but in the big picture her hangup is about as persuasive as the marketing of most "feminine hygiene" products.

Regardless, I have to admit that crocs look ridiculous on anyone over the age of 8.

I've pretty much given up the mandals for leather flip flops. They are very surferish, I think, so I'm hoping they aren't too embarrasing when I'm wearing them in public in the presence of my 17 year old daughter. I only bust out the Crocs when I'm actually gardening or doing a Home Depot run prior to gardening. I try to make the gardening as manly as possible with the use of several power tools and the spreading of petro-chemical products.

I have those Keens, and I love them. With or without socks. They have great arch support too.
Crocs are an abomination and should be banned though.

Actually one of my biggest pet peeves is men who wear sandals. Especially men who wear sandals with no socks......out in public.....while shopping.

I want to give some advice to men who do this. Please, I do not want to look at your hairy toes at Fred Meyer while I am contemplating what to eat for the coming week. Put some damn shoes on!

Required reading for all men. Please.
I think the key to summer footwear is buffing, scrubbing, moisturizing, fungus removal, etc. Gentlemen, step up to the plate and embrace your pedicure!

Those Keens are hideous, lose the Crocs, don't wear socks and for the love of all that is holy stop already with the mid-calf saggy ass baggy shorts.

That's all.

If you see a man who is wearing socks with his sandals, it is always good manners to approach him with outstretched hand and a broad smile and to welcome him to America.


The 14-18 year old basketball players from the NE high schools pull off the slide sandals with mid-calf socks look - otherwise, just say no to that combination

When I first moved to Portland in 1994, I was pretty grossed out by the whole Tevas with socks thing (especially white socks). I just couldn't grasp the necessity.

OK, one serious problem that some men seem to have when it comes to sandals is SIZE (not unlike in another area). Look, dudes, if you wear a size 10 dress shoe or loafer, you will probably need to buy a size 9 sandal or flip-flops. I know that concept is difficult to accept and not what you want to hear, but it has to be said. For several examples of this sad lack of reasoning (even when the evidence is staring them in the face), examine closely the photos on Yoona's site.

I understand the societal pressure to conflate penis size to shoe size, but if you refuse to buy a size smaller sandal because you're irrationally afraid you'll suddenly have a smaller penis, then just know you're flopping around in sandals or flip flops that are 2-3 inches longer than they need to be and you look like a big dork. And if you look like a big dork, well...that's kind of a turn-off.

I think most women understand this when buying sandals, but some men haven't yet figured it out, obviously, because I see it all the time. Let's review: sandal or flip-flops will probably need to be at least one size smaller than your regular shoe size.

Other than that, I don't see anything wrong with men wearing sandals. Who decides these ridiculous "rules" or "standards" for people? Don't we have bigger issues to worry about, or have enough unavoidable life pressures to navigate without worrying about completely irrelevant crap like this? Jesus, we're not supposed to "tan" because of skin cancer, but then someone shouldn't wear shorts or sandals because they don't have "tanned" legs and feet!

And to the person who just can't abide a man's "hairy toes," this whole notion that men (and women) apparently are no longer allowed to have hair ANYWHERE (and I do mean anywhere) on their bodies (except their head) is just insane to me. Someone, somewhere, decided there was money to be made convincing gullible Americans that all hair on their bodies should be waxed or shaved off, or permanently removed, and the sheep just line up and pay, no questions asked.

Personally, I've always thought a hairy man was very sexy. Isn't that what women are supposed to be attracted to, all the things that naturally make a man, a man? And, vice versa? Now it appears we have an entire generation of people who are repulsed by human body hair! Is that just nuts or what?

No, it's not just the nuts, although some guys do wax those.

is Yoonanimous Sam Adams'Nom de Plume?

Just what I need, some (insert some derogatory reference to a female) telling me what to wear.

I get enough of that from home...

I never have understood this "fashion" BS. I just don't care what everyone else is wearing this year. I will wear what I want, and mind your own business.

Mandals=unfashionable High Heels=Fashionable, What could possibly wrong with that logic.

Waxing backs and those link... That was one of the laugh-out-loudest online reads I can remember... And maybe what got me checking bojack.org more often...

Jack...precisely. ;-)

Not to belabor the whole, idiotic "waxing genitals" thing, but I've often wondered about the "adults" who prefer completely hairless genitals on their partners, like the genitals found on prepubescent children. Maybe it's just a sad commentary on our dumbed down society in general.

You'll have to pry my Keens out of my cold dead hands.

They may not be pretty; but I watched my sis-in-law, outfitted in Keens, haul three babies (one at a time, of course) up and down the stacks of basaltic rocks on the Oregon coast without losing her footing. Those Keens still looked good 8 years later after hundreds of hours of trekking the ocean rocks and waves.

Then I moved to the Midwest and acquired a water-loving dog who loved to play fetch in some great lakes with rocky bottoms dotted with an occasional abandoned fishhook and beer can. After trying my open Teva sandals, I remembered her Keens, tracked down the only local store that carried them, sighed over the cost and bought a pair.

They are wonderfully comfortable, very sure-footed in the water and on slippery rocks. Plus they still look good enough to wear to the office on very casual Fridays.

I really don't care what the fashion police say. Some of them, in my office, have even tried to borrow my comfy shoes.

I do, however, have no interest in wearing them with socks.

I once had the dubious honor of helping someone by draining a large abscess over their pubic bone, which had developed from excessively zealous shaving. After brightly explaining to him that hair has a biologically protective function against bacteria, and that sharp tips of re-growing shaved hair create enough irritation to make bacteria into large colonies like his abscess, he said to me that he and his girlfriend would never stop shaving their pubes, because, and I quote:
"We like to be clean". Whereupon I desisted from any further exhortations, and wished him well.

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