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Monday, July 16, 2012

Another great moment on OregonLive

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Note to self: Do not take a cold draw off a frosty brew prior to reading Bog's Blog...

(Now how do I clean this mess up?)

I can't stop laughing! Were they identical or congenital twins??!!

That's what happens when they fire all their professionals and keep hiring college students.

(who would probably call themselves "colladge" students.

I love the sound of a viola.

What? You got something against stringed instruments?

If it was the Mercury, it would have read "wah-lah."

who would probably call themselves "colladge" students

I believe the correct spelling is collage. The s is silent.

It's heart-rending to see such violins done to the language...

Fiddling while Oregonians yearn.

Jeff is well past colladge age, but maybe a J-school copy editor failed to notice what I suspect is spell-check induced error. Which is why copy editors were, in my time, instructed to not rely on those auto-erotic editing programs.

On the upside, TomR's line is well worth the price of submission.

It actually would have been kind of cool if he had just written "viola" as an intentional malapropism.

Hahaha TomR

The first time I walked around downtown Portland was during a school trip in junior high and I saw the following spraypainted onto a wall:

"End War, stop the violins!"

The "violins" malaprop was a creation of dear departed Gilda Radner on SNL through her recurring character Emily Litella, in poking fun at the old FCC "Fairness Doctrine" and viewer editorial comments about news on tv:


Other famous ones she did included:

"What's all this fuss about saving Soviet Jewelry?"

"endangered feces"


"What is all this fuss I hear about the Supreme Court decision on a "deaf" penalty? It's terrible! Deaf people have enough problems as it is!"

I am having some fairly serious shudders at the subject-verb agreement in that headline, too.

Why? People files lawsuit all the times.

American public education ducation's history is nothing more than one fad following another. Whole Language and New Math have turned our country into a nation of idiots. Education is more about engaging students, creativity and self-esteem than hard work- for the teachers.

As I've mentioned before, I play the lottery solely so I can afford to do one big favor to everyone at the Oregonian. Namely, subsidize a fund allowing every last employee to buy a bottle of 12-year scotch every day for the rest of their lives. For the few at the paper who still give a damn, it's to help soothe them as they cry themselves to sleep every night. For the editors and the publisher, it's to expedite their drinking themselves to death.

It's great to see music coming back to our schools.

The Oregonian certainly has a flare for langwidge.

There's already far too much sax and violins in our schools.

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