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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

An important day for Team Rachel

For two and a half days now, we've been calling on the new Miss Oregon, Rachel L. Berry of Aloha, to talk to the public about the details and timing of her move to Oregon. Both this blog and KATU-TV have raised the question whether she was a legal resident of Oregon as of October 21, 2011. If not, she was not eligible to compete in the Miss Oregon 2012 statewide contest, which she won because she is bright and energetic and athletic and civic-minded and polished and articulate and attractive.

There's been no response, even though it's clear that Berry and her camp are reading this blog. Yesterday there were more than 20 visits here from her hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana. As soon as we wrote about Berry's pageant mentor, formerly of Seaside, and the mentor's mother, currently in Prineville, the mother's Facebook page suddenly went private. Berry took several of her own web pages either private or offline shortly after KATU paid her a visit. Yesterday, Berry's younger sister, a teen actress in Burbank, also privatized her Twitter page.

Anyway, as we have mentioned, before Berry and her circle started scrubbing the internet we captured several screenshots that shed light on where the new Miss Oregon actually lived in November and December. We will be posting at least some of that information tomorrow, but there's still a whole day ahead to get the truth straight from Miss Oregon herself, rather than have it pieced together by this blog. It could be that an honest mistake was made, and there is no shame in admitting it and moving on to even greater things.

From what can be gathered on the internet -- or could be gathered before all the hiding started -- the Berrys are a decent, hard-working family, with strong church ties and even closer ties to each other. This is an important day for them, potentially more important than any of the many pageant days and auditions they've experienced over the years. Their decisions now could affect many people outside of their inner circle, as well as themselves. Believe it or not, we are rooting for them.

Just to make sure the stage is properly set, here are links to our prior posts on Miss Oregon 2012:

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Welcome, Fort Wayne, Indiana

We leave this topic, for now, with a video. Maybe by tonight there'll be another video.

Comments (12)

Ewwwew! A thousand diabetics just went into shock from all that sugar!
Give it up Rachael! The coverup is always worse than the incident in question. Just ask Richard Nixon (if he wasn't already dead) and Bill Clinton (before he is).

Thanks for your coverage, Jack. The thing that keeps me interested is the matter of a $10,000 scholarship.

What's disturbing to me, is that someone can "live" in Oregon for as little as six months and be able to call herself Miss Oregon.

Hey, B. Brad - they can live in Camas and vote in Oregon, and eventually run for COP mayor - maybe she's just prepping for a stint in Oregon politics!

This evening is the New Moon; ends that last cycle, starts the next cycle.
Month cycles.
(Two words which, when read, jolt most women's consciousness in some manner, and most men completely feel nothing being clueless of that specific codetalk).

Why do calendars have the Moon phases marked anyway? I mean the cheapest piffle calendar like drug stores used to hand out or mail as image-branding shwag, and auto insurance agencies still do, with the big pictures of prosaic scenes or pastoral scenery at the top and the dinky notepad tear-and-toss 'pages' of the calendar months at the bottom ... and looking closely there you see the phases of the Moon marked on each little month -- a white circle, a black circle, and two circles half-and-half.
What's up with that?

Women. In a word.

If the child in you ever asked why the Moon phases are on every simple stupid calendar, no one truly knew why but they'd fake it with some answer, supposed to sound authoritive, that "fishermen go by that to tell when the fish are biting," or "farmers use it for planting." brrzzzzzt! No, wrong, so sorry, but thanks for playing our game.

Women. That's the answer, but it's not the real answer and it's not the whole answer. Heck, in the American way rather than find out the answer, in order to stop children asking questions grownups couldn't answer, 'they' (nameless faceless American-War-and-Business deciders, the Culture grinders) just stopped printing promotional wall calendars. Like 'they' stopped making wall clocks. The time of day and day of month is on your wristwatch, not your wall. Got it? "Cash slaves and wannabe celebrities know it's time to buy our next new-generation gottahavit gadget."

Euro-weenie whiteys, meaning 'Americans' mostly, ugly culture clods, soul-dead self-sapped blank-glazed I's of the whirling wickedness go on oblivious to the fact that 3 out of 4 wall calendars hung in homes of humankind, world around and ever since Giza got up Pyramids -- human kins -- agree the New Moon is Day 1 of every Month. And 'ides' is the middle day of the Month, always with the Full Moon.

You don't even need a wall calendar, (everywhere except America), you merely look up in the sky and see what day of the Month it is. Americans, under self-aimed searchlight pole lamps and profiting in pollution suffocation, can't even see the sky (never mind the Moon) and that is Why they know not if it's dark outside or light.

Not even knowing the 1st day of the Month "potentially more important than any ...
experienced over the years.

As I understand it Indianians are all Christianantly virtuous doing the right thing.
Hoosier good? Or boil 'er Maker?

I'm not sure Fort Wayne, Indiana is ready for Tenskwatawa.

Probably true Bill, but I would much rather read Tensky than listen to Rachael!

Even more than Rachel, the people who need to get this thing resolved quickly are the state and national organizations. Better to sacrifice one competitor than rick opening the organization to embarrassing scrutiny.

Quietly cut her a check and make sure she lands on her feet back in SoCal. That's all I'd be asking for anyway.

New Moon at 9 pm (PDT) hands everyone a new slate; will Rachel's be clean?
or still dirty?

See you in the morning.

Jack, have you stopped to think that Rachel isn't responding to you or media because she can't? I have friends who have done pageants for years, including Miss Oregon, and the Miss is put under contract to not speak on anything. Show a little love....

I love honesty.

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