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Friday, June 8, 2012

"Windows is checking for a solution to the problem"

Has Windows ever once found a solution to the freakin' problem?

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They are waiting till after the Gatsby has an answer for our high gas prices. Lets see, hasn't that been twenty plus years now?

Ah yes, Windows, its huge success based on the fact that it works most of the time for most people.

Enough said.

Yes, Windows 8 is about to be released and they promise it will fix everything, including the National debt.

Enough said.

By you? Let's hope.

The key word in my earlier statement is "most", which implies everything I meant it to.


The thing is....

Oops sorry had to reboot, an "error occurred".

About two hours ago my computer suddenly shut itself off. When I rebooted, it said "Windows encountered a 'blue screen' error due to a device or driver that was working incorrectly. Windows could not locate which device or drive it was."

And that was that.

Here's an interesting site that I believe has been posted before on this blog.

My own personal experience with bsod in a public place: On a Eurostar train between Milan and Rome, while screaming through the Italian countryside at 300+ km/hour. Sorry, no camera with me at the time.


I once got an error message accompanied by a complete freeze-up (but not a BSOD.) This was not the first time that this had happened.

After I rebooted, Windows told me that it was "checking for a solution to the problem."

After a few moments, Windows told me that "Windows has identified the problem and corrected it." Yay!

Now, I still get freeze-ups, but I guess they're not exactly the SAME freeze-ups.


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