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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Willy Week breaks the Ellen Silence

Now that Ellen Rosenblum is about to be sworn in as Oregon attorney general, weekly newspaper Willamette Week has come to a decision about how it's going to cover her tenure in office, given that her husband is the publisher and co-owner of that paper. In a sidebar to its first article on her since she announced that she was running for the office, WW has announced that all decisions about coverage of Rosenblum's department will be made not by editor-in-chief and co-owner Mark Zusman, but instead by news editor Brent Walth.

Walth answers to Zusman, of course, and he's only worked at Willy Week since April of last year (other than a prior stint from 1986 to 1989). Giving him free rein on covering Rosenblum is better than ignoring the obvious conflicts of interest, but it's certainly no guarantee of impartiality. We suspect that this situation may evolve into something else over the next few years.

Meanwhile, on the substance, the article is all about pot, with which everyone at WW is curiously obsessed. But it casually points out that Rosenblum considers Dave Frohnmayer a mentor. Ding dong, Kroger's bought off, and the Old Boys' money is safe again.

Comments (2)

Why would Ellen pick Mary Williams as Deputy? From the stories at DOJ, Mary is indistinguishable from Kroger...

Ever coming from a practical-Portlander point of view, I am wondering if 10,000 or so of us might file DOJ consumer complaints about the Water Bureau?

Would Ellen R touch this or not?

Would the DOJ be interested in a city utility that violates the spirit of the city charter, etc.?

I can't help wondering about this kind of thing. Maybe I'm just being hopelessly naive.

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