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Friday, June 8, 2012

Urban League of Portland out of detention, for the moment

Here's a funny one from the PBJ: It's an "all clear -- everything's fixed now" piece about the Urban League of Portland. Readers will recall that a few months ago, that outfit underwent another in a series of CEO scandals that date back to the 1990s. This week's story tells us that they've regained the funding they lost from Multnomah County -- just as they did from the state -- and now it's full speed ahead because, well, they've almost hired a new CEO. Any day now that person will show up and "reinvigorate the brand."

Lolenzo Poe, board chairman, said the response to the CEO posting were strong. Applications poured in from the U.S. and abroad. The board intends to make a decision later this month.

With this we're supposed to be impressed? The board that let the looting occur says that soon everything's going to be o.k.?

The nonprofit sought exceptionally qualified applicants for its open CEO position, while offering an unexceptional salary of $75,000 to $100,000.

How long before the new guy or gal decides they're underpaid and starts clipping a few hundred here, a few hundred there? Given the organization's track record, it's hard to believe that that won't happen eventually. Portland needs an Urban League, and the Urban League needs new leadership. But that includes a new board.

Anyway, the slightly expanded print version of the feel-good story can be seen, we think, here (page 5).

Comments (2)

The way they handle money, you'd think they were the Department of Revenue.

The whole premise of the Urban League is a self-defeating delusion.

Race should no longer even be a topic of discussion, but it forces discussion because of the lawlessness that disproportionately afflicts blacks. When you have organizations like the Urban League convincing people that the "problem" for blacks is institutional racism and/or poverty, and not primarily the sheer effect of lawlessness in their communities, this exacerbates the problem overall. And when a whole class of bureaucrats depends on lawlessness, and its attendant mayhem and destruction, as their fundamental raison-d'ĂȘtre, then it follows that lawlessness will never be attacked as the root of the problem. The lifeline of the denial complex, of course, is cast by white liberals who imagine they are doing society a favor by giving angry half-wits like Al Sharpton a spot on network news, and awarding funding to organizations like the Urban League, that are practically moribund from the weight of decades of corruption, etc

This problem of denial of root causes is being tackled in some quarters. I read something quite interesting on the subject yesterday. I really do want to make it to Cape Town soon.


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