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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tim Boyle didn't want Kroger at Reed

Neither did another Reed trustee, Brett Wilcox. WW gets the scoop here, but it's unable to put the finger on the outgoing state attorney general's mystery illness. Money quote: He was sick of his job.

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That smirk! I want to slap him!

"it's unable to put the finger on the outgoing state attorney general's mystery illness"

It's called aphasia - It means memory loss during his term as AG. Cure is new job with Reed.

Then he can start remembering until the next compromising situation comes along.

I think there should be a presumption of tertiary syphyllis for public figures who cite mystery illnesses.

Shouldn't there be some acknowledgement to a prominent local blogger for tracking Kroger's press-release count?

What is the over/under on how long Kroger stays as Dean of Reed college? My guess two years. Shall we take bets?

The implication in the article is that Kroger was hired for his Big Tuff Drug Czar chops. I'm sure that'll go over real well with the Reedies.

Dean of Reed college?

He's not the dean, he's the president. A lot more dough.

Kroger may find that non stop money raising is more difficult than he thinks, particularly with no real connections to the business community in this town. Maybe he has friends in higher places, but I doubt it.
As for his law and order, no drugs on campus, only time will tell.
He has little to no intellectual credentials of the level that Reedies respect. I predict a lonely and short tenure.
Will the mystery illness return?
I wonder what his exit package is?

I wonder how Kroger will look in the nude, painted blue for Ren-Faire?

ER & Robert beat me to it. I wonder if drugs will remain so pervasive with a former AG at the wheel. Were I he, I'd be locking up my coffee cup before Ren-Faire.

If the Reedies are as good at pestering authority as I think they are, "President Kroger" could be our very own "Dean Wormer"

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